Monday, December 15, 2008

Episode #32

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Well, here is the last show of 2008! I won't be back until the end of January 2009. I need a long break. I've been missing in action and I'm sorry. I haven't had time to write, blog, podcast or anything! Sometimes we're just too busy for our own good, but I will have a lot of great new music lined up for the next show in January. Until then, enjoy this one! My favorite songs in this episode are So Into You and Nobody Knows Me, two beautiful songs. Don't you agree?

So Into You
1.Tamia Washington - I first heard a riff from this song some years ago by some now defunct mainstream rap artist and I really liked the sound of it, I just hated the rapping over it. So I went on a quest to find out the original song and as far as I know this is it - and I've been loving it ever since. It's one of my favorite songs of all time and Tamia has a lovely voice. You can find more from her at her website.

2. Morgan Page - Morgan page is one of the best electronic musicians out there in my opinion. See yourself sitting back on a high rise balcony on a late summer evening, sipping a gin martini and enjoying the summer breeze, with this sultry song in the background. . .  great stuff! You can visit his site for more music and information about Page.

You Don't Know Me
3. Ben Folds - I first heard of this artist on the podcast Filmspotting. They often play interesting music in between show sections from indy artists and this is one that they've played that I really like. Find more from Ben Folds at his website.

Talk Radio
4. The Dandy Warhols - Of course I love playing the Dandy Warhols music, they being a local band as well. Really cool song from their most recent album. Find more from them at their site.

Break: Was MIA because of lots of other things that needed to get done. This episode is the last show for 2008. I will be back with new episodes in the last week of January, 2009.

Snakes in the Grass
5. Quantic - Quantic makes great music, no matter what musical formation he uses, whether it's just him or when playing with his orchestra. He makes great music and I've just purchased a few albums fomr him. look for more music from him on Urban Outside next year! You can find Quantic on his site

Nobody Knows Me
6. Aya - A wonderful new found artist that I really like. I first heard Aya on Pandora, this song in particular and I absolutely fell in love with it! it's one of those lounge-in-the-summer- evening-and-and-sip-a-drink songs. Find more from Aya here and here.

Well that's it for Urban Outside in 2008. See you next year!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Episode #31

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Sorry for the late posting! Things around here have been getting a little crazy!

Red Clay
1. Dwele (Andwele Gardner) - I love Freddie Hubbard, especially his work from the 1970's and renditions of his music (such as Red Clay) by other talented artists, like Dwele are always nice to hear. Dwele is a popular r&b artist from Detroit, Michigan. You can find more about him at his website, here, and here. You can find this song on the album Gilles Peterson BBC Live Sessions CD, at CD Universe. Dwele is a great artist so go check out his stuff. You can also find some of his videos on YouTube. The Gilles Peterson album is an excellent CD filled with great music. Check it out!

Better Love
2. Anthony Hamilton - Anthony Hamilton is one of my favorite r&B artists. His stuff is just down home goodness! You can find his music at his website and on his Myspace page. Not all of his music is on independent labels but I believe this song is.

Mirror Me
3. Nikki Williams - This is a great little song I found through Songza. You can find more from Nikki on her Myspace page.

4. Kira Fontana - A really beautiful song I found from a great album called Inner Revolution. Check out her music on her site and her Myspace. I really love her simple, minimalist style. You can find concert and gig information there as well.

Break: The Weird Show podcast promo. Check it out! Also, Check out Encaffeinated, the homebase blog of the Weird Show!

Light In Your Eyes
5. Louise Goffin - I absolutely love this song! First heard it on Smallville, season 1 or 2, I forget which, but it was a long time ago. Beautiful song. It on Louise's Sometimes A Circle album. She's an amazing singer/songwriter! You can find some of her videos on YouTube. Also, you can find the latest from her on her Myspace page.

Wednesday's Child
6. Emiliana Torrini - I swear she reminds me of Bjork (just not as crazy)! I learned of her through listening to Thievery Corporation and also the work she did for Howard Shore on the Lord of the Rings filmscores. This song is from her album Love in the Time of Science. Great, haunting song, just what I like! You can find her at her website.
Enjoy the show!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Episode #30

Here is the show for this week!  

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So A Musin
1. Autolect - I think that Autolect is one of the best and most creative hiphop artists on the scene. Check out and purchase his latest album Celestine Progeny either at his Myspace page, or Mobile Underground. You won't be disappointed.

High Noon Stank
2.The Primeridian - This song is smart, sexy, full of humor and, well, as they say on their web page about their music,"beautifully melodic, soulfully hypnotic, funked out for your listening pleasure." I agree. The Primeridian is a cool hiphop duo that hails from Chicago. Find them on their Myspace page.

Don't C Us
3. DJ Food Stamp - Dj Food Stamp is a local hiphop artists from Eugene, Oregon. This guy makes some great music. Find him on his Myspace page, check out his full length albums and Eps. Great Stuff! I even love his moniker - DJ Food Stamp! How cool is that?

Caught Red-Handed
4.FREaKS - This is a really cool song I came across on it reminds me of those stripped down early 80's pop songs like Jesse's Girl or I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love Tonight by Outfield. Except this song is a little more subversive sounding! I think it's a fun song. You can find more from this band on I can't seem to find any info about them anywhere else.

Black Grease
5.The Black Angels - If you've seen the  new online commercial for T-Mobile's new Google/Android/G1 Phone then you've heard this song. I love it. it's an obvious throwback to the Rolling Stones scrappy, psychodelic sixties rock. it's agreat song, almost like an anthem. Anyway it's from their album Passover. This is a great band. Check them out at their website The Black

Break: I have information on Autolect's newest album Celestine Progeny, Femi Kuti's newest album coming in November, Day By Day and about Singer-songwriter Brett Dennen. Background music is a song called Red Clay by Freddie Hubbard.

Angry Johnny
6. Poe - This is a great, moody, rainy day song for me and I love her voice. Of course she's got her own website where you can find all information about her, her music and concerts.

Chocolate Jesus
Tom Waits - Tom Waits is one of those one-of-a-kind artists. You either get him or you don't. I love his work and I have three albums by him, this song is on the album titled Mule Variations. If you haven't heard his music before and you like original, interesting one-of-a- kind music, get his double album Blood Money/Alice. It's one of the best albums to come out of 2002. I played Chocolate Jesus because it seemed creepy and moody and a little dark and humourous which seemed appropriate for the last day of October!

Tam Lin
Fairport Convention - I know this is a big departure from what I normally play but I love this song so much. I'm a big fan of the late Sandy Denny and Fairport Covention and I felt that this song was in keeping with the mood people get into on October 31st! It's a beautiful song in lyrics and in melody. Hope you liked it. Sadly, Sandy Denny is no longer with us but you can find more from this group at their website, old stuff and new.

I think this is a particularly great show. Hope you enjoyed it too!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Impromptu Break!

I am taking a little break for the month. Sorry for such short notice. Look for an extra long show of Urban Outside on October 31st!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Episode #29

Here is today's show! Oh yeah, and Happy 1 year anniversary for Urban Outside!

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Eko Lagos
Femi Kuti - Son of the great Nigerian musician Fela Kuti, he is just as talented as his father and I love this song. The beat, the melody, the content it all comes together in a beautiful and infectious piece of music. I love music from Nigeris anyway. You can find more from Fela Kuti at his website:'s a huge selection of great music from Femi there that you should check out!

Quantic - Quantic has worked with many wonderful musicians. It's good to hear music strictly by him. He also works with another group that he helped create, the Quantic Soul Orchestra. Either way, you're going to hear some great stuff!I think this is a wonderful song and I use it as the intro to my FringeTheory podcast. Quantic has a huge discography of great music out there: and his Myspace page.

Dark Heart Dawning
BT - Of course I've played BT before. hey, I love BT! he's one fo the best electronic musicians out there. This song is off of his Emotional Technology album. Anyway, you know where to find his stuff!

Break: I mention two really cool podcasts that epople should check out: Yuzzy's Weekend Dancefloor Podcast and Blog a podcast devoted to trance music. Also, Audio Gumshoe, a podcast that focuses specifically on independent and original music. Background music is Blind Tiger by Layo & Bushwacka. If you liked that song, you can find them at the Olmeto Records website.

Camille - Camille has a lovely voice and I love her music. She reminds me of the old French chanson singers. You can find more from Camille Dalmais at her website.

We Are
Ian Axel - I've played music by Ian before and I'm waiting for that day when he releases another album. Until then we can all still enjoy I'm On To You. It's only $7.99! Why not support an idependent artists and purchase it? He's a great musician and you'll feel glad you did! You can find more about him and his music on his website.

Join With Us
The Feeling - I've been listening to this group for awhile now and finally it seems that I can play a few songs from them. Their last album was from a big label  but so far as I know this one isn't. So, if you like them, you can visit their website.

Enjoy the show!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Episode #28

Here's this week's episode!

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3rd World
Immortal Technique - This song is on hit! The exotoc sounding music, the pointed lyrics, the beat, everything comes together in a dynamite powerhouse song! You can find more from Immortal Technique at MySpace and his website.

Pouring You Mo Champagne
Motion Man - I've played it before but Ilove the old school sound so I played it again! Motion Man makes some great music. Find more from him at MySpace.

Inca Maya - I love this! It's a total jam session, the kind of laid back, great sounding music I love hearing and relaxing to with a great beer! You can find mre from Inca Maya on their MySpace page. They have a new album out called Inca Maya. Check it out on iTunes!

Break: Chillcast promo

1958 (Quantic Remix)
Skalpel - Ok, this is the last of the 1958 remixes (that I know of) but I just couldn't help it, I love this song and all the remixes! Skalpel is so cool, especially when paired with Quantic! You can find Skalpel's music here, and music by Quantic here. also you can find Quantic on MySpace. Plan on hearing more from Quantic on this podcast in the future!

Sunken City (Loop Guru remix)
Les Baxter - Les Baxter's music is always great and it's even better when paired with electronic techniques! I love this song - exotic, mysterious and beautiful! The official website
and a site with more history and info about the musician! You can also find old concert footage of him on YouTube! It's definately worth a look!

Filho Maravilha
Jorge Ben (or Jorge Ben Jor) - This song has an interesting story behind it, named after a Brazilian sports star. Jorge Ben is one of my all time favorite musicians, hands down! I think he's one of the best musicians in the world! To me he's one of those artists that can create an entire album of songs that are gems, something you can listen to the whole way through. Besides that he's one of the most influential Brazilan musicians in the world. This is a veru old song from him when he was much younger. You can check out his discography at his website. There is a link that translates the Portuguese into English if you need it. I would encourage you to check out and explore the wealth of music he has given the world. You will be better off for it!

Enjoy the show!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Episode #27

Having technical problems! Episode has been reposted! Sorry for the wait!

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1. Grayskul - Great song from Grayskul. They have a new album out now called Bloody Radio. This album, in their words: "
This conceptual masterpiece serves as reverse brainwash music for today's contemporary hip-hop listeners, typically force-fed imaginary genres. Grayskul smashes these genres seamlessly into one while interweaving all with message, substance, concepts, wittiness, opinion and most of all, honesty while still maintaining a sense of humor, imagination, and originality. Bloody Radio has something for everybody." Amen! Check them out at Myspace and their website.

Afro Strut
2. Amp Fiddler - Ok, so you probably guessed that I love Amp Fiddler! This is off his album by the same name! Here's his Myspace page and the website! He also has an album of rare and previously unreleased tracks!

Phantom Limb
3. The Shins - Local to Portland, OR, like the band Oh Darling,The Shins always come out with good music. I also like giving props to local bands! Here's their website, and the Myspace page. This song isn't new but it's nice!

4. Albert Hammond Jr. - This artist (and his band) is new to me but judging by this song I think I'm really going to like their work in the future! This song is on the album named
¿Cómo Te Llama? So far, I like his music. You can find more from him at the Myspace page and the artist's website.

Break: Visit a really cool artificially intelligent media search tool. it used to be mainly a music search tool that helps you find music that yo haven't heard. Now you can fins books and music and movies in much the same way. Local indie pop rock band Oh Darling is releasing a new album this month on the 16th, Nice, Nice! Visit their site to get news, info on their music, free tracks from the new album and to listen to their music at and

5. Oh Darling -
I really enjoy their music. It's fresh and playful. They remind me of The Cranberries, but their music is better in my opinion! This song is off their newest album coming out this month called Nice, Nice!

1958 (Quantic remix)
6. Skalpel -
I love Skalpel and I was delighted to find some remixes of the lovely song, 1958! I'll be playing another remix of this song on the next show!

Again, sorry about the tech difficulties this weekend! Enjoy the show!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Episode #26

I think that this week's show is particularly good!

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1.Kidz in the Hall - It's amazing how independent hiphop and rap is far superior to most of the mainstream hiphop these days. Kidz in the Hall reminds me of Mos Def and Talib Kweli whom I really love! And yeah, they remind me of Kanye too but that's an obvious association. You can find more of Kidz in the Hall on MySpace.

2. Autolect - Indiefeed Hiphop podcast has become one of my favorites and I find quite a few artists from this show. Autolect is one and has fast become a favorite of mine. This song is tight. I love the beats on this song. Like i said this stuff is far better than anything you'll hear on commercial radio and that's all there is to it. You can find more music by Autolect on Myspace. The new album that this single will be on, Between God and the Deep Blue will be available in September. This is a great album!

2 Wicky
Hoover (Hooverphonic) - Don't laugh but I first heard about Hoover when I saw the film Stealing Beauty. I loved the soundtrack and bought it and that's how I was introduced to this trip hop group. You can find their music and more on their official website.

Break: I mention a few websites that I use for finding new music, sites I find interesting. Songbytoad, cnet's music also, Songza. Remember to support artists you like with your money by purchasing music from them directly or from businesses that support them because the music industry sure won't!

3. Donna Lewis - Donna Lewis has a lovely voice and her songs are always fresh and original and fun to listen to. This single, Shout is on her new album In The Pink. A beautiful, summery song. just the kind of stuff I love! Check out her new album and more about her at her website,

4. Skalpel - I've been a long time fan of Skalpel's music. This is one of my favorite songs on their album, titled Skalpel. The entire album is great but this punchy little number really stands out becasue it's so light hearted. Their most recent album is also a gem and it's called Konfusion. You can find it on Ninatunes website.

5. Sweet Electra - I heard this song on Anji Bee's Chillcast show. Beautiful song. This group is from Mexico. Reminiscent of Thievery Corporation. Or Povo. In any case, its sensuous and beautiful. You can find more music from them on MySpace. As always.

Enjoy the show!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Episode #25 (Tech Issues!)

Not to worry folks, episode #25 is already done and ready to upload. The issue is that Podango's servers are having problems this evening. I'm in contact with tech support to see if this issue can be resolved. Hopefully the episode can be uploaded by tomorrow morning. If not, I'll upload it to Talkshoe's servers so look for the file on this blog site! (August 9th, 2008)

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(August 10th, 2008) PS
: Not sure what's happening with Podango but the servers seem to be having issues so I have uploaded this episode to Talkshoe's servers. Hopefully, eventually Podango will pull this episode to it's feed. Until then, life goes on. Here is the show. it is especially good! Hope you like it!

1. Hed Kandi Ft. Amp Fiddler - Infectious song! Amp Fiddler is one of my favorite R&B artists and I love his work with the UK based Hed Kandi. Hed Kandi looks like a music site for the jet set crowd. The only thing is, the site has animation and players that all of a sudden open up and start playing on your screen - LOUDLY. So be mindful of that if and when you decide to check the site out. Other than that, if you like the smooth house sound, check them out!

My Conversation
2. Slim Smith and the Uniques - I love this song! I've been looking to collect very old Jamaican reggae from before 1969. In any case I first heard this song on the Lostcast podcast, no kidding. Mostly Slim Smith's work with the Uniques
is hard to find but you can find one album by them on You can also find mp3 by him on Amazon. Also, you can find album by other early Jamaican artists (read: pre-Bob Marley era) there as well. Have fun searching!

Distracted Minds
3. Baaba Maal - From the Buddha Bar series, Vol. 7, this is a breezy, sexy, laid back song. You can find this sophisticated and eclectic chill out and lounge compilation series at George V Records. You can find lots of other fantastic compilation projects on the site as well.

Break: Chillcast with Anji Bee podcast promo. Also, you can find her work with Lovespirals. Great podcast!

4. Underworld - I've played this song before and I really love it! This is off of their Hundred Days Off album, my favorite Underworld album. I've been a fan of Underworld for a few years now. You can find them at MySpace and their site.

5. Lapush - I first heard this romantic song on Moonlight. I've picked up quite a few songs that I like form that now canceled show (boo!). They remind me of Bush. You can find them at MySpace.

6. Meiko - A great little song that's been getting a lot of rotation in my iPod touch lately, I first heard it on the vampire detective show Moonlight. From there I checked out some of her other work and she's become a favorite artist of mine. I really love Meiko! You can find Meiko on MySpace.

Enjoy the show!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Urban Outside Episode #24

Here's this week's show!

1. Tanya Morgan - I heard about them on the Indiefeed hiphop podcast. I hope they don't mind me playing this track! (the podcast, I mean!) They play some of the very best indie hip hop around and Tanya Morgan is one! I love this song! Check them out!

Say You Want It All
2. Amel Larrieux - She's become a favorite R&B artists of mine. Wonderful voice as always. Too bad they don't play her music on terrestrial radio. At least, not in my area! There are so many deserving artists that SHOULD be played who aren't. Too bad! Check her out!

Shut The Sun Out
3. Donna Lewis -
She's always had a great voice. I've always thought of her as a cross between Sarah Mclauchlin and Bjork. Her new album is really good. Check out her music and projects at the Donna Lewis website.

Break: Info about Donna Lewis's latest album, In The Pink. You can find this album on her MySpace page and her website. Regarding emails: when sending one please put "Urban Outside" in the subject field so that they don't get overlooked!

Wasp In The Lotus
4. The Dandy Warhols -
Again, another song from their upcoming album. Sounds cool to me. The entire album is good, though.

Kimberly Smiles
5. Utah Carol -
I first heard this band while listening to the Filmspotting podcast. Nice little song with that laidback feel. I love that! Check them out!

Better Days Will Come
6. Tahiti 80 -
I don't remember if I've ever played this song and if not I'm surprised that I haven't. It's one of my all time favorites. Check them out !

Enjoy the show and remember to support independent artists!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Episode #23

Here's Episode #23!

Heads up: thanks for the podcast intro snippet Irene B.! Cool!

Un Nuevo Camino
1. Irene B. - She's an R&B artists from Barcelona, Spain who has worked with producers like Frankie Biggz. She has a great voice and I like her music. I'm waiting for the album to drop this fall! Check her out at her MySpace page!

Stop the Press
2. Opio - Last month he had a contest for the featured song Stop the Press! Check out the work of various djs trying their hand at their own remixes on YouTube, dropmagazine,
accesshiphop and around the 'net. The song is from his album Vultures Wisdom. The video is on YouTube. This album is awesome! Check him out at

3. Hippocampus - Would you believe that Hippocampus (aka Tom Weismantel) used to like Billy Ray Cyrus? Wow! Sure glad he didn't go that route. He makes really cool music these days. as he says himsel Hippocampus is just a guy who loves to write and record music. It's that simple. Check him out on iLike and Garageband.

Break: The featured artist on the show Irene B is coming out with a new album this fall 2008 called metamorphosis. Check out her work and her new single from the album on her MySpace page and check out more songs by her on the Podsafe Music Network. The back ground song is called Flight Feet, Root Hands and it's by Andreas Vollenweider from his White Winds album. It's a great album!

4. Morgan Page - I first came across his work by way of the electronic pop group Under. Their EP album has a song that was remixed by him. He's a great DJ. You'll be hearing more from Page on future shows. He works with a lot big names in the industry. Check out his website!

Madh Assalhin
5. DJ I Sabbah - As always I love the beautiful and powerful stylings of Sabbah. Evocative and spiritual at the same time. This is from his album titles La Kahena.

6. Introverts Go Public - You'll definitely be hearing more music on this show from this group. I love this song and I love their style! The song reminds me of a mix between Soul Coughing and Cake. Find them on, where else? MySpace.

Enjoy the show!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back For Summer: Episode #22

Here is this week's show!

1. Beats
Sumter Boys Hip Hop - I love this little song but it's hard to find more from them.

2. I love To Move In Here
Moby - Love Moby here! He always comes with some interesting beats. I always trust that he's going to have a great album. He's never let me down. This is from his latest album, Last Night.

3. Malemolencia
Ceu - I enjoy Brazilian pop and have done so for many years. I Ceu is an artist I first heard about through the music map. I would encourage everyone to use this site when looking for new artists and new music. It is one of the most valuable tools on the internet, in my opinion.

Break: The Dandy Warhols will be releasing their latest album this summer, Earth To The DAndy Warhols on August 19th. It is available for listening at and their MySpace page. It's a great album and they are a local band ( here in Portland, OR). I'm always excited about supporting local music. Check it out!

4. Persimmon
Hot Bitch Arsenal - As you might imagine, I really like this group. I like their name and the music they make. You can find their music here and here.

5. Take A Bow
Kimiko - First heard about this group on Garageband. You can also find their video concert footage on Youtube.

6. Rise
Will Dailey - I love this song. First heard it on one of my favorite shows - Numb3rs. There's also an acoustic version available of this song. It's from his album Back Flipping Forward. He also has a MySpace page.

Enjoy the show!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

New Episodes Coming!

Hello folks! It's been a while since I've released a new episode for Urban Outside but I'm back. Urban Outside will now become a bi-monthly podcast due to time constraints. I have a new full time job that's taking up a lot of time so I won't be able to release a show each week.

So, look forward to a new episode every other week starting the week after next week. I'm also hoping that in the future I'll be able to do interviews of other podcasters and musicians and release them as special shows for Urban Outside. Until then, see you later!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

IndieAlliance Record Label

IndieAlliance is a new independent record label that is building a solid platform for new electronica artists. It provides them an opportunity to share their music. This label promotes artists that work anywhere from Down Tempo to Minimal and many sub genres in between. Theres a lot of great music here so check it out. Many of their artists will be features in all of the popular digital music stores so support these artists buy purchasing their music!

They are also accepting demos from budding new artists. Send you digital demo to a digital hosting base like YouSendit, where they can receive your track or album in mp3 format. Put in a little a little information about yourself as well. When sending your digital demo Please include the following in the subject field: DEMO 4 Indiealliance and send it off to: Support the independent music community.

Monday, April 14, 2008

On Hiatus

Due to a lot of personal issues I will be taking a break from Urban Outside. I will be back with more episodes this summer.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Episode #21

Here is the playlist:

Dead Rockers
1. The Smile Rays - Again, a great independent hiphop group. Wonderful song. You can find their music on here.

From Brooklyn to Ramle
2. Y-Love - Always socially conscious and deep spiritually, I had to add his music from his latest album to the show. Find Y-Love here.

Sni Bong
3. Dengue Fever - I first heard about this group a couple of years ago on NPR's The World music spot. I think they're pretty cool! They are inspired by Asian pop music from the sixties, which in turn was inspired by American pop from the sixties. Funny how musicians inspire each other, even when worlds apart. If you like Asian pop you can find more on Live365. Find more from Dengue Fever here.

Break: information about latest album by Josh Rouse and Lovespiral's new album. Background song is Una Notte a Napoli by Pink Martini.

Monster Men
4. Iggy Pop and the Stooges - I've always liked Iggy Pop and this song was the theme song from one of my favorite cartoons (which got canceled after only a few weeks! Boo!) it just has a lot of weird, cool energy.

Italian Dry Ice
5. Josh Rouse - This is a very different style from Winter in the Hamptons on the Nashville album. I love when artists can be versatile and creative with music genres. This song reminds me of something by Al Green or Otis Redding. Cool. Find more music from Rouse here.

This Truth
6. Lovespirals - Sorry about the quality of this track. I recorded it sometime ago and bought the album afterwards. The next time I play songs from them, it will be a quality mp3! Anyway, I first heard of this group from the Solipsistic Nation podcast. Check them out.

That's all for this week, enjoy the show!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Episode #20

Here is this week's episode!

HipHop Backing
1. David Emeny - Found on the podsafe music network, it's a nice little instrumental song. Hope you enjoy it. You can find more music from this artist at

Se Choco Latisse E Uto Piasse
2. Beder K - Another nice little song I found on the podsafe music network. Reminds me of R.L. Burnside's It's Bad You Know. Beder K can also be found on

Music Don't Stop
3. Hot Bitch Arsenal - This group has become one of my favorite pop/electronica groups. I think they're pretty awesome! You can find more music and free mp3's from them on their web site and new, breaking news about albums and videos on their blog and My Space. If you like them buy a CD from them directly!

4. BT - I love BT and this is my favorite song by him. I play it when I feel sad or when it's raining. Beautiful song. It's on the Movement In Still Life album.

5. Da Lata - Another great song by Da Lata. It's on the Chillout in Paris by Buddha Bar volume 3 album. You can find the torrent for all 6 albums right here!

Aaj Mera Jee Kardaa (Today My Heart Desires)
6. Sukhwinder Singh - I first heard this song on the Monsoon Wedding soundtrack. I own it and I would recommend it to anyone! Today My Heart Desires is one of the greatest songs in the world, in my opinion. It just makes you want to jump up and dance! I love it. YOu can find more of his music at desimusic and RAAGA.

Enjoy the show!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Episode #19

Here's this week's show!

Hold On
1. Slick & Rose Ft. Fishscales - I find a lot of independent hip hop artists from other podcasts, like the indie hiphop feed podcast. There's so much great music to be found there like Slick and Rose. You should check out that podcast. and check out the slick and rose Myspace page for more music from them!

2. Amp Fiddler - Fiddler is a favorite hiphop artist on this show. In fact, I use his song Waltz of a Ghetto Fly as the intro and outro for this podcast. The song Faith is from his most recent album release Afro Strut. I hear he is planning on coming out with a new album in 2009.

3. Amel Larrieux - Amel is becoming one of my favorite female artists. I've played her music before. Here is her website and her Myspace page.

Break: Bebel Gilberto has recently released an exclusive iTunes EP called Live Sessions. It is a stripped down vocal and acoustic guitar album. Great songs from a great Brazilian artist. Check it out! while you're at it, you might want to check out her other albums. I can assure you, they are excellent!

Only One
4. Jeremy Kay - I enjoy Jeremy Kay as an artist. I like artists that can expand into two or more musical genres and stretch their musical abilities. He's already a great pop artist. He does soul and R&B too! You can find his music on his website and his Myspace page.

Captain Kirk
5. Bob Schneider - Bob Schneider is also a favorite artist of mine. He also spands genres from rock to pop and folk music. His website is pretty interesting! Here is his Myspace page.

I Just Wanna Celebrate
6. Rare Earth - I wondered at whether or not I should play this song. I love it so much but you never know. I checked the label the album it was produced on and so far as I can tell it isn't a RIAA song so there you go. Any way, it's an anthem and I live anthem songs. So fun to jam to and listen to! Rare Earth is still performing! Cool! Go to their website to find out concert dates and music!

Hope you enjoyed the show!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Episode #18

Here's this week's show!

Looking Up
1. Hezekiah - Found on the Indiefeed Hiphop podcast. He does some work with anouther soul artists I really love, Bilal. You can find music videos from this artists on Youtube and his Myspace page. This is a great artist. Check him out!

Love On Haight Street
2. BT - I've been a long time fan of BT. He's worked with a lot of great musicians over the years. I like and own almost all of his albums. This song is from an earlier album, Movement In Still Life, my favorite BT album. You can find BT's music in the nearest record store near you or on, obviously.

Absinthe Minded
3. Adrienne Pierce - A cool song I found on the Podsafe Music Network. Reminds me slightly of Lisa Loeb, but a lot cooler. You can find her music on her website, Myspace and her music videos on YouTube. You can actually watch the music videos on the Myspace page.

Pra Manha
4. Da Lata - I first heard Da Lata on KBOO FM, a community radio station out here in Oregon. They used to have a 1 1/2 hour show called Brazilian Music Show (which no longer comes on) and the host played some of the most beautiful music. Da Lata was played a lot and that's where I first heard of the group. This song comes form their album Songs From The Tin. It's a fantastic album. You'll want to check out songs like Rain Song and The Tin Within. You can buy their music from Calabash Music website, or MySpace.

Yellow Is The Color
5. Bugge Wesseltoft - From his album Moving, I first heard about this artist from just browsing around a site called Gnod, looking for artists similar to Cinematic Orchestra and Skalpel, electronic jazz groups that I really like. This was a few years ago. The name Bugge Wesseltoft came up, so I decided to explore his stuff by previewing his music on Love his music. He's more of a jazz artist and I know that this isn't a jazz music podcast but I figured that it can't hurt to sprinkle a little bit of different in the show every now and then. I think the song is beautiful and wonderful. I hope you do too. You can find more of his music on his website.

6. Zero 7 - Like Thievery Corporation, Zero 7 is one of my all time favorite groups. There soft, dream-pop electronica sound is beautiful and I like beauty in all things. They come up with some of the most interesting compilation albums too. You can find their music in any record store, or their website.

Enjoy the show!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Episode #17

Innovation remix
1. De La Vega (Ivy League)
- Searching through the podsafe network I ran into this song. It reminds me of old school hiphop and I really like it. You can find more from this group at Myspace. They create a mix of hiphop and rock. Cool.

It's Bad You Know
2. R.L. Burnside -
This song is awesome as well as the artist. It's been one of my favorite songs for years. Burnside died a few years ago, R.I.P. You can find his music at Fat Possum Records or or your local record store.

The Flys

3. She's Huge -
One of those rock/pop groups popular when I was young, I still enjoy listening to them from time to time. They broke up back in 2002. Pity. Their stuff can be bought from iTunes or any record store.

Freddy Litwiniuk
4. Apart -
Found on his vocal style reminds me of Ian Axel. I think it's a beautiful melody which is what I like about good pop music. You can find more from this artist on the sixtyone and MySpace too. This artists creates pop and soul. Nice.

Break: New album coming out by hiphop artist Ylove. It will be available on iTunes in March and in stores by April. You can find his blog
here, more information about his experiences in music and his religious conversion, his album and videos. Check it out!

The Missing Panacea remix

5. Alona - I love this song.
It reminds me of songs by Kyoto Jazz Massive and Zero 7, both electronica groups I really love. A beautiful song. Found on the podsafe network. You can find Alona's music on OurStage, CD Baby and her website where you can find more music.

Anybody Here?

6. Naomi -
I first heard this group on a Live365 station. A beautiful song that seems to just roll over you like a dream. Wonderful. Naomi is a German electronica group and they have three albums out. You can find them on discogs and their website.