Sunday, October 19, 2008

Impromptu Break!

I am taking a little break for the month. Sorry for such short notice. Look for an extra long show of Urban Outside on October 31st!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Episode #29

Here is today's show! Oh yeah, and Happy 1 year anniversary for Urban Outside!

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Eko Lagos
Femi Kuti - Son of the great Nigerian musician Fela Kuti, he is just as talented as his father and I love this song. The beat, the melody, the content it all comes together in a beautiful and infectious piece of music. I love music from Nigeris anyway. You can find more from Fela Kuti at his website:'s a huge selection of great music from Femi there that you should check out!

Quantic - Quantic has worked with many wonderful musicians. It's good to hear music strictly by him. He also works with another group that he helped create, the Quantic Soul Orchestra. Either way, you're going to hear some great stuff!I think this is a wonderful song and I use it as the intro to my FringeTheory podcast. Quantic has a huge discography of great music out there: and his Myspace page.

Dark Heart Dawning
BT - Of course I've played BT before. hey, I love BT! he's one fo the best electronic musicians out there. This song is off of his Emotional Technology album. Anyway, you know where to find his stuff!

Break: I mention two really cool podcasts that epople should check out: Yuzzy's Weekend Dancefloor Podcast and Blog a podcast devoted to trance music. Also, Audio Gumshoe, a podcast that focuses specifically on independent and original music. Background music is Blind Tiger by Layo & Bushwacka. If you liked that song, you can find them at the Olmeto Records website.

Camille - Camille has a lovely voice and I love her music. She reminds me of the old French chanson singers. You can find more from Camille Dalmais at her website.

We Are
Ian Axel - I've played music by Ian before and I'm waiting for that day when he releases another album. Until then we can all still enjoy I'm On To You. It's only $7.99! Why not support an idependent artists and purchase it? He's a great musician and you'll feel glad you did! You can find more about him and his music on his website.

Join With Us
The Feeling - I've been listening to this group for awhile now and finally it seems that I can play a few songs from them. Their last album was from a big label  but so far as I know this one isn't. So, if you like them, you can visit their website.

Enjoy the show!