Thursday, March 20, 2008

Episode #20

Here is this week's episode!

HipHop Backing
1. David Emeny - Found on the podsafe music network, it's a nice little instrumental song. Hope you enjoy it. You can find more music from this artist at

Se Choco Latisse E Uto Piasse
2. Beder K - Another nice little song I found on the podsafe music network. Reminds me of R.L. Burnside's It's Bad You Know. Beder K can also be found on

Music Don't Stop
3. Hot Bitch Arsenal - This group has become one of my favorite pop/electronica groups. I think they're pretty awesome! You can find more music and free mp3's from them on their web site and new, breaking news about albums and videos on their blog and My Space. If you like them buy a CD from them directly!

4. BT - I love BT and this is my favorite song by him. I play it when I feel sad or when it's raining. Beautiful song. It's on the Movement In Still Life album.

5. Da Lata - Another great song by Da Lata. It's on the Chillout in Paris by Buddha Bar volume 3 album. You can find the torrent for all 6 albums right here!

Aaj Mera Jee Kardaa (Today My Heart Desires)
6. Sukhwinder Singh - I first heard this song on the Monsoon Wedding soundtrack. I own it and I would recommend it to anyone! Today My Heart Desires is one of the greatest songs in the world, in my opinion. It just makes you want to jump up and dance! I love it. YOu can find more of his music at desimusic and RAAGA.

Enjoy the show!

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