Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Episode #13

Here is this week's episode!

What the Business Is
1. 2 Deep - I found this underground rap group on the podsafe music network. They hail from Louisiana. It's amazing what you can find there! I think they have a great sound. You can find more of their music on the Podsafe Music Network.

HipHop Mixture
2. OJO - This I know I got from the Podsafe Network. Reminds me of Fatboy Slim. You can find more music from this artist on the website.

Blue Kitchen
3. Combine The Victorious - I think they have a great fun sound. Found them on Garageband. You can find and download music from their Garageband page or their MySpace page.

Help Me Get The Picture
4. The Other Chris Hardy - Great song. I like it almost as much as Invisible Beatnik, which I played on episode #7. You can find more of his music here and on MySpace. He plays with a band called 3feetup. You can find their work at

You're Beautiful
5. Paul Wright - I know it's kind of an inspirational/religious song but it has a beautiful, lush pop sound that I really like. And hey, if I can play music that's explicit, I don't think a nice song like this will hurt anybody. I first heard from him on, surprisingly enough. Find more of his music on his website and MySpace. He makes really good music. Check it out!

1000 Times
6. Tahiti 80 - Well, I played a song by them last week, but hey, I love them! Their MySpace page, their website. So smooth, so summery, so fun!

Dj Jedio Star
7. Akustikfilm - Very interesting group. As they put it, on their Podsafe Music network page: "
From nature’s sample board to urban voices and echoes ++ akustikfilm collects soundscapes on this planet and transforms them into musical film." Perfect for a podcast like this, I think. You can find more free music for downloads from them on their website. Free music is always good. Check it out!


8. Thievery Corporation -
Well, it's always great to end things with these fellas. Especially with a martini in hand. They make the kind of music that conjures up martinis in swank, dark lounges. oh yeah, their MySpace page. Looks like they have another single out!

Ending with
Thievery Corporation is always nice. Hope you enjoy the show!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Episode #12

Hello all! Hope you had a great three day weekend! I've changed the feeds for the buttons on the sidebar so the new feed is in! I'll be making those changes to all of the podcasting directories that I've submitted to (if I can remember them all!) remember to resubscribe if you need to!

1. J Medeiros - This is a beautiful song but with a deep message. Don't get too much of that in mainstream music. Medeiros is one of my favorite hip-hop artists.

Your Love Is Mine
2. Holly Golightly - This woman sounds dangerous. I love her musical style. It's sexy and urbane in a vintage kind of way. I wonder if she plans to work with the Greenhornes again? I hope so. You can find her music and more information on her website. Nice site too!

3. Damien Rice - When I first heard Volcano a few years ago I was impressed with this Dublin artist and I ran out and bought his album. He continues to impress with his gorgeous acoustic songs and voice. I also love it when artists and hidden tracks to an album. That always gets bonus points with me! His MySpace page and his website.

I'm Alive
4.Jeremy Kay - I first heard this song on the show Numb3rs. See? I find a lot of stuff from TV. Thought it was a great, inspirational song. Kay makes good music anyway. I believe you can find some of his songs on the Arrested Development soundtrack. His website.

Break: information about independent artists' website A music service that promotes independent artists and helps them get their music out to the people. Check them out! Background music is Zanzibar, by Povo.

Folksong for Cello
5. Savath and Savalas - plays music from this group soetimes. That's where I first heard of them. Love this song. Find more music on their MySpace page and their website.

6. Anoushka Shankar -
I really enjoy the whole east Indian electronic sound. Its mesmerizing. This is from the daughter of the famed Indian musician Ravi Shankar (and of whom I own an album by as well.) She is also half sister of Nora Jones, but a talented and respected musician in her own right. You can find her work on her website and her MySpace page.

7. Pole -
I love Pole and have for a long time. He is the standard of all minimalist electronica in my humble opinion. Of course, you can disagree. Just know that you are wrong! (Just kidding!). It's amazing how Pole can create accessibility and beauty with such bare essentials. Check out his MySpace page for the Steingarten remixes if you haven't already done so!

Enjoy the show!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Episode #11

Another week, another show. You might find that the pop songs I've chosen for this week's show have a summery sound to them - that was done on purpose. It's been raining like nobody's business around here in Portland and I wanted to see the sun. I got my wish today, too!

Stay Alive
1. Shut Dem Down Records -
I found them on Garageband. They also have a podcast you can check out on that page as well! It's amazing the good music you can find on Garageband and the Podsafe Music Network. There's a quality and passion in this song that you don't find on "super refined" process sh*t on commercial hip hop stations. We have a really horrible one here in Portland. I'm amazed it's still on the air. It's awful. ShutDem Down is cool though.

Pouring You Mo Champagne

2. Motion Man -
I love this song! It's totally old school, kinda freaky too. I love that old school sound, though! Reminds me of Kool and the Gang, or something by Michal McDonald. You can find more from him at his MySpace page. You can buy his music at eMusic.

Voodoo Dreams
3. Les Baxter -
You were probably wondering "What?!?" I listen to Live365 quite a bit and there's a Tiki Tiki music station there I enjoy listening to. They play a lot of this kind of 60's spaced-out, tiki cha-cha club, exotica electronica-like music. I just threw it in there to be different. You can find more of the late, great Les Baxter's music on the official Les Baxter website. He's made a lot of fantastic music over the years. I would really encourage you to check his stuff out! YOu can find quite a bit of free music on the site!

Hotel Intro
4. Moby - I've been a fan of Moby for a long time. He always comes with the goods. One of the greatest electronica musicians in my humble opinion. Find his music on his site and get free music there as well.

Break: Reminder about feed change, thoughts on pop group Nada Surf and their new album Lucky, coming out February 4, 2008. Background music song is Zanzibar by Povo.


5. Nada Surf - Not a new group but a group that I am only recently acquainted with. I really love their sound. They remind me of Tahiti 80 and any group that reminds me of them gets a thumbs way up from me because I love Tahiti 80! If you aren't already familiar with Nada Surf check out and/or buy their music from their MySpace page. Check out their website too.

Winter in the Hamptons

6. Josh Rouse -
Another artist with that beautiful, pop sound that I enjoy. I first heard his music on Pandora. You can find him at his website and on his MySpace page. You can find hi music on iTunes too!

Soul Deep

7. Tahiti 80
- This is my favorite group! I love just about everything they make and I have all of their albums. They are so light an airy and fun to listen to, especially in the summer. You can find their music on their fabulous website and on their MySpace page. Lots of great music to be found there!

Come to think of it, all of the pop songs I played on this show were pretty summery. The kind of stuff you might listen to in July while driving around with the top down!
Enjoy the show!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Episode #10

I'll put out a separate reminder next week about the feed/host change for the show. If you subscribe through the blog here (the little orange RSS square in the corner) or through your browser's bookmark feature you should be fine. If you don't, at the end of this month head on over to Podango to get the show. I'll be submitting the new feed to all of the usual podcast directories as well!

Gift of Gab

1. Doug Evans - I found this artist through Garageband. This song is from his album Soul Cinema. Described as "Conscious lyrics that talks about serious issues with ease and a grown up kind of humor. " Great album. You can purchase it through CD Baby.

My Life

2. BayBrotha - Also found through
Garageband, he uses a sample from one of my favorite songs by Mary J. Blige, My Life. I wish I could play her music here. At least I get to play BayBrotha's music. My Life is from his album Serious. You can purchase it through CD Baby. You can find more of his work on his MySpace page. He also has another website, Platinum Bound Music. Check it out!

For Real
3. Amel Larrieux - Again, I love her music. I've posted her
MySpace page here before but it bears repeating. You'll find all album, concert and information news there.

Uam Uam

4. Povo - I have no idea how to pronounce the name of this song but I love it! It's a fun, little piece of jazzy electronica. I think electronic music is one of the best things that's happened to jazz. For me it's the best of both worlds. Anyway, Uam Uam is an old song. Check out Povo's new stuff at their MySpace page and their website.

Break: information about feed/hosting service change for show. Just keep subscribing through the blog and show deliveries will not be disrupted.

5. Universal Hall Pass - I found them through
Garageband. This group has a lot of influences and you can hear it in much of their work. Triphop comes to mind. I have to play more triphop! Anyway you can buy their latest CD, Mercury through, who else? CD Baby.

867-5309 - Jenny

6. Tommy Tutone - I decided to go back. You might be wondering why I played this song. Well, I check a site called RIAA Radar each week to see if the music that I want to play belongs to the RIAA or not. Surprisingly this song isn't on a RIAA label so I felt it was safe to play it. Hope I'm not wrong! I like it anyway. Always have! Here's their website!

Well that's it for this week! See you next time!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Episode #9

Ch.. ch.. ch.. ch.. Changes!
I'm having some odd problems with the layout of this blog for some reason. I don't know if it's template issues or what. I'm trying to get that fixed.
As I stated in my last post, I will be changing feeds by the end of this month. I'll put out an audio update put out by next week explaining this so that you can resubscribe through the new feed. . .

. . .and here's the first show of 2008!

Good Clothes
1. Little Brother
- I love this song. It reminds me of the days when mainstream hiphop was fun. Little Brother proves that independent hiphop is where it's at. Find them on their MySpace page or The Hall of Justus. I first heard of them through the Indiefeed hiphop podcast. They just dropped a new album, Get Back, and are on tour right now.


- Of course this is one of my favorite hiphop artists. From his album, Median's Relief. It's a great album and this is an artist that will go places in my opinion. He's just that good.

3. Marie Digby
- From L.A., I first heard one of her songs on Smallville. Wonderful voice. She has a lot of great music projects that you can view on her MySpace page, like concert dates, songs, latest releases and music videos on YouTube.

Wild Is The Wind
4. Amel Larrieux
- She has such a beautiful voice, just like Marie does and she does jazzy, alternative pop songs like this one and also R&B. One talented woman. Find out about her latest album release, songs and concert dates on her MySpace page and her website.

News break: Information on female artists Marie Digby and Amel Larrieux. Background music: Travel With Me outro by Arson Optics. I've played the entire song before on a previous show.

Tell Me

5. The Beeps
- I found them through Garageband. They remind me of the Norwegian Ladybugs and Hot Bitch Arsenal. I love this song. Check them out at their Garageband page.

There Is An End

6. The Greenhornes featuring Holly Golightly
- I saw Bill Murray's Broken Flowers and that is where I first heard of The Greenhornes. They have a strong 1960's influence to their music that they've honed and made into their own unique sound and boy, is it great music.


7. Midival Punditz
- I've been a longtime fan of this group. Their music never fails to impress me. They always bring something cool to the table. This song is a dark, moody dreamlike piece that stays in my iTunes player for rotation all of the time. Find them on MySpace and their website. You can also find them on the Six Degrees Records website.


8. The Gentleman Losers - I first heard of this group through the Solipsistic Nation podcast. A beautiful, haunting song. The rest of the album is wonderful too. It's like melancholic poetry. They're from Finland. Check them out on their MySpace page. You'll love their work. You can also find the album at the City Centre Offices label.

Hope the year is starting off well for you. Enjoy the show!