Saturday, July 12, 2008

Episode #23

Here's Episode #23!

Heads up: thanks for the podcast intro snippet Irene B.! Cool!

Un Nuevo Camino
1. Irene B. - She's an R&B artists from Barcelona, Spain who has worked with producers like Frankie Biggz. She has a great voice and I like her music. I'm waiting for the album to drop this fall! Check her out at her MySpace page!

Stop the Press
2. Opio - Last month he had a contest for the featured song Stop the Press! Check out the work of various djs trying their hand at their own remixes on YouTube, dropmagazine,
accesshiphop and around the 'net. The song is from his album Vultures Wisdom. The video is on YouTube. This album is awesome! Check him out at

3. Hippocampus - Would you believe that Hippocampus (aka Tom Weismantel) used to like Billy Ray Cyrus? Wow! Sure glad he didn't go that route. He makes really cool music these days. as he says himsel Hippocampus is just a guy who loves to write and record music. It's that simple. Check him out on iLike and Garageband.

Break: The featured artist on the show Irene B is coming out with a new album this fall 2008 called metamorphosis. Check out her work and her new single from the album on her MySpace page and check out more songs by her on the Podsafe Music Network. The back ground song is called Flight Feet, Root Hands and it's by Andreas Vollenweider from his White Winds album. It's a great album!

4. Morgan Page - I first came across his work by way of the electronic pop group Under. Their EP album has a song that was remixed by him. He's a great DJ. You'll be hearing more from Page on future shows. He works with a lot big names in the industry. Check out his website!

Madh Assalhin
5. DJ I Sabbah - As always I love the beautiful and powerful stylings of Sabbah. Evocative and spiritual at the same time. This is from his album titles La Kahena.

6. Introverts Go Public - You'll definitely be hearing more music on this show from this group. I love this song and I love their style! The song reminds me of a mix between Soul Coughing and Cake. Find them on, where else? MySpace.

Enjoy the show!

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