Saturday, August 23, 2008

Episode #26

I think that this week's show is particularly good!

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1.Kidz in the Hall - It's amazing how independent hiphop and rap is far superior to most of the mainstream hiphop these days. Kidz in the Hall reminds me of Mos Def and Talib Kweli whom I really love! And yeah, they remind me of Kanye too but that's an obvious association. You can find more of Kidz in the Hall on MySpace.

2. Autolect - Indiefeed Hiphop podcast has become one of my favorites and I find quite a few artists from this show. Autolect is one and has fast become a favorite of mine. This song is tight. I love the beats on this song. Like i said this stuff is far better than anything you'll hear on commercial radio and that's all there is to it. You can find more music by Autolect on Myspace. The new album that this single will be on, Between God and the Deep Blue will be available in September. This is a great album!

2 Wicky
Hoover (Hooverphonic) - Don't laugh but I first heard about Hoover when I saw the film Stealing Beauty. I loved the soundtrack and bought it and that's how I was introduced to this trip hop group. You can find their music and more on their official website.

Break: I mention a few websites that I use for finding new music, sites I find interesting. Songbytoad, cnet's music also, Songza. Remember to support artists you like with your money by purchasing music from them directly or from businesses that support them because the music industry sure won't!

3. Donna Lewis - Donna Lewis has a lovely voice and her songs are always fresh and original and fun to listen to. This single, Shout is on her new album In The Pink. A beautiful, summery song. just the kind of stuff I love! Check out her new album and more about her at her website,

4. Skalpel - I've been a long time fan of Skalpel's music. This is one of my favorite songs on their album, titled Skalpel. The entire album is great but this punchy little number really stands out becasue it's so light hearted. Their most recent album is also a gem and it's called Konfusion. You can find it on Ninatunes website.

5. Sweet Electra - I heard this song on Anji Bee's Chillcast show. Beautiful song. This group is from Mexico. Reminiscent of Thievery Corporation. Or Povo. In any case, its sensuous and beautiful. You can find more music from them on MySpace. As always.

Enjoy the show!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Episode #25 (Tech Issues!)

Not to worry folks, episode #25 is already done and ready to upload. The issue is that Podango's servers are having problems this evening. I'm in contact with tech support to see if this issue can be resolved. Hopefully the episode can be uploaded by tomorrow morning. If not, I'll upload it to Talkshoe's servers so look for the file on this blog site! (August 9th, 2008)

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(August 10th, 2008) PS
: Not sure what's happening with Podango but the servers seem to be having issues so I have uploaded this episode to Talkshoe's servers. Hopefully, eventually Podango will pull this episode to it's feed. Until then, life goes on. Here is the show. it is especially good! Hope you like it!

1. Hed Kandi Ft. Amp Fiddler - Infectious song! Amp Fiddler is one of my favorite R&B artists and I love his work with the UK based Hed Kandi. Hed Kandi looks like a music site for the jet set crowd. The only thing is, the site has animation and players that all of a sudden open up and start playing on your screen - LOUDLY. So be mindful of that if and when you decide to check the site out. Other than that, if you like the smooth house sound, check them out!

My Conversation
2. Slim Smith and the Uniques - I love this song! I've been looking to collect very old Jamaican reggae from before 1969. In any case I first heard this song on the Lostcast podcast, no kidding. Mostly Slim Smith's work with the Uniques
is hard to find but you can find one album by them on You can also find mp3 by him on Amazon. Also, you can find album by other early Jamaican artists (read: pre-Bob Marley era) there as well. Have fun searching!

Distracted Minds
3. Baaba Maal - From the Buddha Bar series, Vol. 7, this is a breezy, sexy, laid back song. You can find this sophisticated and eclectic chill out and lounge compilation series at George V Records. You can find lots of other fantastic compilation projects on the site as well.

Break: Chillcast with Anji Bee podcast promo. Also, you can find her work with Lovespirals. Great podcast!

4. Underworld - I've played this song before and I really love it! This is off of their Hundred Days Off album, my favorite Underworld album. I've been a fan of Underworld for a few years now. You can find them at MySpace and their site.

5. Lapush - I first heard this romantic song on Moonlight. I've picked up quite a few songs that I like form that now canceled show (boo!). They remind me of Bush. You can find them at MySpace.

6. Meiko - A great little song that's been getting a lot of rotation in my iPod touch lately, I first heard it on the vampire detective show Moonlight. From there I checked out some of her other work and she's become a favorite artist of mine. I really love Meiko! You can find Meiko on MySpace.

Enjoy the show!