Saturday, September 6, 2008

Episode #27

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1. Grayskul - Great song from Grayskul. They have a new album out now called Bloody Radio. This album, in their words: "
This conceptual masterpiece serves as reverse brainwash music for today's contemporary hip-hop listeners, typically force-fed imaginary genres. Grayskul smashes these genres seamlessly into one while interweaving all with message, substance, concepts, wittiness, opinion and most of all, honesty while still maintaining a sense of humor, imagination, and originality. Bloody Radio has something for everybody." Amen! Check them out at Myspace and their website.

Afro Strut
2. Amp Fiddler - Ok, so you probably guessed that I love Amp Fiddler! This is off his album by the same name! Here's his Myspace page and the website! He also has an album of rare and previously unreleased tracks!

Phantom Limb
3. The Shins - Local to Portland, OR, like the band Oh Darling,The Shins always come out with good music. I also like giving props to local bands! Here's their website, and the Myspace page. This song isn't new but it's nice!

4. Albert Hammond Jr. - This artist (and his band) is new to me but judging by this song I think I'm really going to like their work in the future! This song is on the album named
¿Cómo Te Llama? So far, I like his music. You can find more from him at the Myspace page and the artist's website.

Break: Visit a really cool artificially intelligent media search tool. it used to be mainly a music search tool that helps you find music that yo haven't heard. Now you can fins books and music and movies in much the same way. Local indie pop rock band Oh Darling is releasing a new album this month on the 16th, Nice, Nice! Visit their site to get news, info on their music, free tracks from the new album and to listen to their music at and

5. Oh Darling -
I really enjoy their music. It's fresh and playful. They remind me of The Cranberries, but their music is better in my opinion! This song is off their newest album coming out this month called Nice, Nice!

1958 (Quantic remix)
6. Skalpel -
I love Skalpel and I was delighted to find some remixes of the lovely song, 1958! I'll be playing another remix of this song on the next show!

Again, sorry about the tech difficulties this weekend! Enjoy the show!

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