Monday, November 17, 2008

Episode #31

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Sorry for the late posting! Things around here have been getting a little crazy!

Red Clay
1. Dwele (Andwele Gardner) - I love Freddie Hubbard, especially his work from the 1970's and renditions of his music (such as Red Clay) by other talented artists, like Dwele are always nice to hear. Dwele is a popular r&b artist from Detroit, Michigan. You can find more about him at his website, here, and here. You can find this song on the album Gilles Peterson BBC Live Sessions CD, at CD Universe. Dwele is a great artist so go check out his stuff. You can also find some of his videos on YouTube. The Gilles Peterson album is an excellent CD filled with great music. Check it out!

Better Love
2. Anthony Hamilton - Anthony Hamilton is one of my favorite r&B artists. His stuff is just down home goodness! You can find his music at his website and on his Myspace page. Not all of his music is on independent labels but I believe this song is.

Mirror Me
3. Nikki Williams - This is a great little song I found through Songza. You can find more from Nikki on her Myspace page.

4. Kira Fontana - A really beautiful song I found from a great album called Inner Revolution. Check out her music on her site and her Myspace. I really love her simple, minimalist style. You can find concert and gig information there as well.

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Light In Your Eyes
5. Louise Goffin - I absolutely love this song! First heard it on Smallville, season 1 or 2, I forget which, but it was a long time ago. Beautiful song. It on Louise's Sometimes A Circle album. She's an amazing singer/songwriter! You can find some of her videos on YouTube. Also, you can find the latest from her on her Myspace page.

Wednesday's Child
6. Emiliana Torrini - I swear she reminds me of Bjork (just not as crazy)! I learned of her through listening to Thievery Corporation and also the work she did for Howard Shore on the Lord of the Rings filmscores. This song is from her album Love in the Time of Science. Great, haunting song, just what I like! You can find her at her website.
Enjoy the show!

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