Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Episode #21

Here is the playlist:

Dead Rockers
1. The Smile Rays - Again, a great independent hiphop group. Wonderful song. You can find their music on here.

From Brooklyn to Ramle
2. Y-Love - Always socially conscious and deep spiritually, I had to add his music from his latest album to the show. Find Y-Love here.

Sni Bong
3. Dengue Fever - I first heard about this group a couple of years ago on NPR's The World music spot. I think they're pretty cool! They are inspired by Asian pop music from the sixties, which in turn was inspired by American pop from the sixties. Funny how musicians inspire each other, even when worlds apart. If you like Asian pop you can find more on Live365. Find more from Dengue Fever here.

Break: information about latest album by Josh Rouse and Lovespiral's new album. Background song is Una Notte a Napoli by Pink Martini.

Monster Men
4. Iggy Pop and the Stooges - I've always liked Iggy Pop and this song was the theme song from one of my favorite cartoons (which got canceled after only a few weeks! Boo!) it just has a lot of weird, cool energy.

Italian Dry Ice
5. Josh Rouse - This is a very different style from Winter in the Hamptons on the Nashville album. I love when artists can be versatile and creative with music genres. This song reminds me of something by Al Green or Otis Redding. Cool. Find more music from Rouse here.

This Truth
6. Lovespirals - Sorry about the quality of this track. I recorded it sometime ago and bought the album afterwards. The next time I play songs from them, it will be a quality mp3! Anyway, I first heard of this group from the Solipsistic Nation podcast. Check them out.

That's all for this week, enjoy the show!

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