Sunday, September 21, 2008

Episode #28

Here's this week's episode!

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3rd World
Immortal Technique - This song is on hit! The exotoc sounding music, the pointed lyrics, the beat, everything comes together in a dynamite powerhouse song! You can find more from Immortal Technique at MySpace and his website.

Pouring You Mo Champagne
Motion Man - I've played it before but Ilove the old school sound so I played it again! Motion Man makes some great music. Find more from him at MySpace.

Inca Maya - I love this! It's a total jam session, the kind of laid back, great sounding music I love hearing and relaxing to with a great beer! You can find mre from Inca Maya on their MySpace page. They have a new album out called Inca Maya. Check it out on iTunes!

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1958 (Quantic Remix)
Skalpel - Ok, this is the last of the 1958 remixes (that I know of) but I just couldn't help it, I love this song and all the remixes! Skalpel is so cool, especially when paired with Quantic! You can find Skalpel's music here, and music by Quantic here. also you can find Quantic on MySpace. Plan on hearing more from Quantic on this podcast in the future!

Sunken City (Loop Guru remix)
Les Baxter - Les Baxter's music is always great and it's even better when paired with electronic techniques! I love this song - exotic, mysterious and beautiful! The official website
and a site with more history and info about the musician! You can also find old concert footage of him on YouTube! It's definately worth a look!

Filho Maravilha
Jorge Ben (or Jorge Ben Jor) - This song has an interesting story behind it, named after a Brazilian sports star. Jorge Ben is one of my all time favorite musicians, hands down! I think he's one of the best musicians in the world! To me he's one of those artists that can create an entire album of songs that are gems, something you can listen to the whole way through. Besides that he's one of the most influential Brazilan musicians in the world. This is a veru old song from him when he was much younger. You can check out his discography at his website. There is a link that translates the Portuguese into English if you need it. I would encourage you to check out and explore the wealth of music he has given the world. You will be better off for it!

Enjoy the show!

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