Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Episode #5 - The '80s!

OK, not entirely but you get my meaning! I'm looking for more old school/retro sounding hip hop and pop artists! If you know of any let me know! Hope everyone got plenty of rest last week and remember - be thankful all year round for what you have, not just on Thanksgiving!

1. Lonely Out Here
ATL Producers -
I really like this group! They make great music! They're from Atlanta, Georgia. You can find them on the podsafe music network and their webpage. They specialize in making a lot of different music for podcasts which is an excellent reason to check them out.

2. The Basis of Breakneck
Ben Base - This song kind of had that old school sound and I loved that! If you like it and want to hear more from this artist you can find his music on the Podsafe Music Network and his MySpace page. Check him out!

3. Man On Fire
Atlas -
Atlas was influenced by the hip hop greats like Wu-Tang Clan and Nas and I think it shows. Like he says on his podsafe music network page, his music is straight forward with no frills.

4. My Prima Donna
Artificial Intelligence In Texas -
A great new wave inspired song. This group is heavily inspired by groups like U2, The Cure, Joy Division, REM, Ramones, The Smiths. You can find their music on their podsafe page and their MySpace page.

Solipsistic Nation promo. This is a great show! If you love electronic music, check it out! News on an independent hip hop group that dropped me an email last week: Grown Folks. You can check out the music from this hip hop group at their MySpace page or you can find their music on iTunes. They have several albums and plenty of great songs to choose from on iTunes if you want to purchase their music. Background song is called
Phantom Limb by local Portland, Oregon group, The Shins.

Swim To Me
101 -
This group helped to breathe new life into the New Wave genre again by adding other influences into it. Check them out at podsafe music network and MySpace.

6. Lumen e Lumine
A Band called Quinn -
Check them out on their podsafe music page
and their MySpace page.

7. Pulling Our Weight
The Radio Department
- I love this song. It's one of my favorites! To be honest, I created this show as an excuse to play this song! You can find The Radio Department's music almost anywhere but especially at places like and labrador.

8. Waltz For Koop featuring DJ Patife, remix
Koop featuring DJ Patife -
I first heard music from this group on another non-music podcast. Koop is from Sweden. Their sound was so smooth and silky sounding that I was hooked. There are different versions to this lovely song. You can find more music from Koop at their MySpace page.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Episode #4

Here is the playlist for episode #4. Enjoy the show!

1. Luv Don't Live Here
1st Supper - This song is from their album Spiritually Connected. Again, like with a lot of music for this podcast I found this song on the podsafe network. For more songs from this UK group you can go to their PodShow page.

Bangout Productions - A fun song to listen to! Found on their podsafe network page. This hip hop group is from Alabama ( I have a lot of relatives there) and they site this web page ( where you can find more news and info on other hip hop groups working with Kevin Khao Cates. Check it out. There's a lot of great music there!

3. Fillmore Dub
The Numb Project -
I have this double album. One of the best electronica albums to come out in 2002. Chris Calarco is the name of this artist and he's a local artist. The album is called Soundbridge Sessions. The latest album out is called --. You can purchase both at CD Baby or If you like DJ Krush, you'll like this guy! The last time I checked he had his own website: Doesn't seem to be up and running right now but maybe it was down for maintenance.

Louie's Last Stand
The Numb Project -
From the same double disc album. I hope this artist comes out with another album soon. To be honest besides the website, which appears to e down, there isn't a whole lot to be found on this artist as far as I know right now. I did write a review of his album a couple of years ago. If you know about him or what he's doing currently email me or post a comment on the blog.

Break: audio quality issues, comments on the new improved Zune Marketplace and podcasts. The song played during the break is Eclipse by Kyoto Jazz Massive. Visit their MySpace page too!

Pole -
This song is on Pole's (Stefan Betke) third album, 3, the yellow album for people who might want to look for it in record stores. He's a long time favorite electronica artist of mine and I have the album. For some people Pole can be an acquired taste. Sort of like absinthe. Once the taste is acquired you really enjoy it and your appreciation deepens. Silberfisch is one of the more "accessible" songs on the album. You can find news on upcoming albums and remixes and concert news from this Berlin artist at

Dictaphone -
Another minimalist group from Berlin that I enjoy. This song is from their album Vertigo II, released in 2006. You can find more current music and news from them at their MySpace page and their website.

Royksopp -
From Royksop's Melody AM. You can't go wrong with that whole soft rock-Ambrosia 1970's-1980's sound! I love it! Ok, it isn't exactly like that but it's kind of reminiscent of that sound in my opinion. Anyway they make great music! For more information go to their website.

Right On Said Jeebus
Hot Bitch Arsenal -
I found this group through their Garageband page. I love this song. It's funny what you can find just listening to random stuff sometimes. You can find a lot of good music. Their website where all their news and happenings can be gleaned is at They sound a lot like Portishead. I'd say that's a good reccomendation!

Hope you liked what you heard this week! See you next week!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Episode #3

It's amazing what you can find out there. I wonder why I never hear the artists in this show, or in the other shows on most terrestrial stations. You can just think of Urban Outside as an independent, internet version of a Z100 radio station - what Z100 ought to be but isn't.

All My Soul
- An artist that surpasses most rappers and hiphop artists on the mainstream scene today, he has some of the best music you wanna hear. He even opens for popular artists like 50 Cent. But he's a whole lot better and more socially conscious. You can buy his newest album Open Book at CD Baby. If you want to hear more from this artist or find out concert dates, visit his MySpace page.

Amp Fiddler
- I use one of Amp's songs for my intro and outro. This nu soul artist is the spaced-out, cosmic kind. He's like Medeski, Martin&Wood for Nu Soul and he's been around for a long time making great music! This dude used to work with George Clinton. You know he's funky! Catch his latest album and more info on music and concert dates at his website and his MySpace page.

Love, Love, Love
Lee Rogers - Lee reminds me a lot of Bob Schneider; he's a great acoustic/singer/songwriter artist. I think this song is beautiful. please forgive the awful, sucky mono sound quality. I found this song on the podsafe music network, which is also where I first discovered him. He's an independent artists that gets a lot of play from radio stations and has at least three albums out by now. He has a new website up where you can check out new music, albums and information about him.

4. Out Loud
Mindy Smith
- I first heard her on (kudos to them) a few years ago. Kink still reserves air space for local and independent artists. One of the very few commercial stations to do this. Mindy Smith's more of a folk pop/alternative country artists but I love that kind of music anyway. You'll hear more from this genre anyway. You can visit her website here.

Promotion for
Solipsistic Nation (you really should check this podcast out. It's awesome! I didn't add his promo to my own show for my health!). Information about artists Natalie Walker and Ques. Again the background music used for the break is called Elves On Patrol from the experimental jazz group Deerfoot. You can buy their album, Deerfoot, at

Slow Fade
Norwegian Lovebugs
- I love the sound of this group. Found on the podsafe music network I've never heard of them before. This year they came out with a their debut album Love Bugs me. I hope to hear more from them because I already like what I've heard so far. They have a blog too but it's in Norwegian.

6. Crush

Natalie Walker
- Melancholy, elegant, angelic voice - all of these things have been said about her music and these descriptions are right. You might have heard her music on shows like
Ugly Betty and Big Shots. I've already described how much I like some of her songs in the show. Natalie is another artist I found through the Podsafe music network. Her website is chock full of music and information about past and up coming tour dates and concerts and tour projects. Check it out!

7. Always The Sun
Organic Audio aka Andy Spence aka half of The Freakniks - I bought this album because I wanted to hear Nurega, the track heard in The Fast and the Furious during the house party scene. But after having heard the entire album it's hard to decided which track is better. well, Always the Sun is my favorite track, obviously. It's an old favorite. Hope you enjoyed the show.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Episode #2

Here is Episode #2 with links and information on all of the songs played on this week's show. Basically the playlist:

. Rize
Median - Maybe you've noticed a pattern? No? Well ok I haven't been doing this show long enough for anyone to notice a pattern but I really love Median! You can find this song on his MySpace page or his page. Buy his album. Doesn't stuff like this deserve to be in your music collection?

Strong Man
KaiZen - I first of KaiZen on Fanboy Radio. He and Scott were talking about some up and coming projects from the RZA. Strong Man is the current song on his MySpace page. Also known as KingZen, you can find his work at the
Arson Optics site along with many other independent hiphop artists. A gold mine of great music! I look forward to hearing more of his work!

Biodiesel Willie
2012AM - Cool, experimental band I found this song on the podsafe music network. They really do remind me of Wilco! You can find the song at the
podsafe music network and for more information on concerts and album go to their MySpace page.

4. Move On

Ted Lumley - One of my favorite kinds of music is good pop. I mean really good pop music. Ted Lumley makes great music like that. Lumley lists the influences for his musical sound on his Garageband site and you know what? I would add to the list Bob Schneider, one of my favorite local artists. Well, ok maybe he reminds me of Schneider on only one song. This one. I really love this song. Beautiful melody! Check out Ted Lumley on
Garageband or MySpace!

Break: info about podsafe music network artists featured on this episode, .22 and 2012AM. Background music for news break was from Deerfoot. The song was called Elves On Patrol. Deerfoot is an excellent experimental jazz band from Canada. If you liked that song check out their
band website and preview or purchase their self titled album Deerfoot.

5. Peter and Jane

.22 - Interesting name for a band. Reminiscent of Gang of Four. Well, to me anyway. I f
ound this song on the podsafe music network. You can also find out more music and other information about .22 at their website.

6. Shoulda Never

Oh Darling - This is a local band to Portland, OR. You can find more information on their music, music videos and upcoming shows at their
My Space page and the their band website. Actually, what I forgot to say in the show is that you can download each song on the album individually by going to this page on their site:

Pecados Da Madrugada (Sins Before Dawn)
Suba - Suba's music stays in my CD changer all of the time. He's a genius, or, rather was a genius . Tragically he died in a fire in 1999. I was crushed when I heard it. We will never hear any new music from this master again. This song comes from the album Sao Paulo Confessions, from my music library. You can find most information on his other albums and projects starting

Agra (The Emerald Mix)
DJ Cheb i Sabbah - This comes from my own CD collection the song is from his album As Far as . . . I've amassed quite the little collection of electronica. Sabbah is one of the best in the business. I love all of his stuff. When you listen to
Sabbah, you go on a journey. . . .

Funny how has become the "grand central station" for music. See ya next time!