Saturday, March 8, 2008

Episode #18

Here's this week's show!

Looking Up
1. Hezekiah - Found on the Indiefeed Hiphop podcast. He does some work with anouther soul artists I really love, Bilal. You can find music videos from this artists on Youtube and his Myspace page. This is a great artist. Check him out!

Love On Haight Street
2. BT - I've been a long time fan of BT. He's worked with a lot of great musicians over the years. I like and own almost all of his albums. This song is from an earlier album, Movement In Still Life, my favorite BT album. You can find BT's music in the nearest record store near you or on, obviously.

Absinthe Minded
3. Adrienne Pierce - A cool song I found on the Podsafe Music Network. Reminds me slightly of Lisa Loeb, but a lot cooler. You can find her music on her website, Myspace and her music videos on YouTube. You can actually watch the music videos on the Myspace page.

Pra Manha
4. Da Lata - I first heard Da Lata on KBOO FM, a community radio station out here in Oregon. They used to have a 1 1/2 hour show called Brazilian Music Show (which no longer comes on) and the host played some of the most beautiful music. Da Lata was played a lot and that's where I first heard of the group. This song comes form their album Songs From The Tin. It's a fantastic album. You'll want to check out songs like Rain Song and The Tin Within. You can buy their music from Calabash Music website, or MySpace.

Yellow Is The Color
5. Bugge Wesseltoft - From his album Moving, I first heard about this artist from just browsing around a site called Gnod, looking for artists similar to Cinematic Orchestra and Skalpel, electronic jazz groups that I really like. This was a few years ago. The name Bugge Wesseltoft came up, so I decided to explore his stuff by previewing his music on Love his music. He's more of a jazz artist and I know that this isn't a jazz music podcast but I figured that it can't hurt to sprinkle a little bit of different in the show every now and then. I think the song is beautiful and wonderful. I hope you do too. You can find more of his music on his website.

6. Zero 7 - Like Thievery Corporation, Zero 7 is one of my all time favorite groups. There soft, dream-pop electronica sound is beautiful and I like beauty in all things. They come up with some of the most interesting compilation albums too. You can find their music in any record store, or their website.

Enjoy the show!

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