Monday, November 17, 2008

Episode #31

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Sorry for the late posting! Things around here have been getting a little crazy!

Red Clay
1. Dwele (Andwele Gardner) - I love Freddie Hubbard, especially his work from the 1970's and renditions of his music (such as Red Clay) by other talented artists, like Dwele are always nice to hear. Dwele is a popular r&b artist from Detroit, Michigan. You can find more about him at his website, here, and here. You can find this song on the album Gilles Peterson BBC Live Sessions CD, at CD Universe. Dwele is a great artist so go check out his stuff. You can also find some of his videos on YouTube. The Gilles Peterson album is an excellent CD filled with great music. Check it out!

Better Love
2. Anthony Hamilton - Anthony Hamilton is one of my favorite r&B artists. His stuff is just down home goodness! You can find his music at his website and on his Myspace page. Not all of his music is on independent labels but I believe this song is.

Mirror Me
3. Nikki Williams - This is a great little song I found through Songza. You can find more from Nikki on her Myspace page.

4. Kira Fontana - A really beautiful song I found from a great album called Inner Revolution. Check out her music on her site and her Myspace. I really love her simple, minimalist style. You can find concert and gig information there as well.

Break: The Weird Show podcast promo. Check it out! Also, Check out Encaffeinated, the homebase blog of the Weird Show!

Light In Your Eyes
5. Louise Goffin - I absolutely love this song! First heard it on Smallville, season 1 or 2, I forget which, but it was a long time ago. Beautiful song. It on Louise's Sometimes A Circle album. She's an amazing singer/songwriter! You can find some of her videos on YouTube. Also, you can find the latest from her on her Myspace page.

Wednesday's Child
6. Emiliana Torrini - I swear she reminds me of Bjork (just not as crazy)! I learned of her through listening to Thievery Corporation and also the work she did for Howard Shore on the Lord of the Rings filmscores. This song is from her album Love in the Time of Science. Great, haunting song, just what I like! You can find her at her website.
Enjoy the show!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Episode #30

Here is the show for this week!  

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So A Musin
1. Autolect - I think that Autolect is one of the best and most creative hiphop artists on the scene. Check out and purchase his latest album Celestine Progeny either at his Myspace page, or Mobile Underground. You won't be disappointed.

High Noon Stank
2.The Primeridian - This song is smart, sexy, full of humor and, well, as they say on their web page about their music,"beautifully melodic, soulfully hypnotic, funked out for your listening pleasure." I agree. The Primeridian is a cool hiphop duo that hails from Chicago. Find them on their Myspace page.

Don't C Us
3. DJ Food Stamp - Dj Food Stamp is a local hiphop artists from Eugene, Oregon. This guy makes some great music. Find him on his Myspace page, check out his full length albums and Eps. Great Stuff! I even love his moniker - DJ Food Stamp! How cool is that?

Caught Red-Handed
4.FREaKS - This is a really cool song I came across on it reminds me of those stripped down early 80's pop songs like Jesse's Girl or I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love Tonight by Outfield. Except this song is a little more subversive sounding! I think it's a fun song. You can find more from this band on I can't seem to find any info about them anywhere else.

Black Grease
5.The Black Angels - If you've seen the  new online commercial for T-Mobile's new Google/Android/G1 Phone then you've heard this song. I love it. it's an obvious throwback to the Rolling Stones scrappy, psychodelic sixties rock. it's agreat song, almost like an anthem. Anyway it's from their album Passover. This is a great band. Check them out at their website The Black

Break: I have information on Autolect's newest album Celestine Progeny, Femi Kuti's newest album coming in November, Day By Day and about Singer-songwriter Brett Dennen. Background music is a song called Red Clay by Freddie Hubbard.

Angry Johnny
6. Poe - This is a great, moody, rainy day song for me and I love her voice. Of course she's got her own website where you can find all information about her, her music and concerts.

Chocolate Jesus
Tom Waits - Tom Waits is one of those one-of-a-kind artists. You either get him or you don't. I love his work and I have three albums by him, this song is on the album titled Mule Variations. If you haven't heard his music before and you like original, interesting one-of-a- kind music, get his double album Blood Money/Alice. It's one of the best albums to come out of 2002. I played Chocolate Jesus because it seemed creepy and moody and a little dark and humourous which seemed appropriate for the last day of October!

Tam Lin
Fairport Convention - I know this is a big departure from what I normally play but I love this song so much. I'm a big fan of the late Sandy Denny and Fairport Covention and I felt that this song was in keeping with the mood people get into on October 31st! It's a beautiful song in lyrics and in melody. Hope you liked it. Sadly, Sandy Denny is no longer with us but you can find more from this group at their website, old stuff and new.

I think this is a particularly great show. Hope you enjoyed it too!