Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Episode #13

Here is this week's episode!

What the Business Is
1. 2 Deep - I found this underground rap group on the podsafe music network. They hail from Louisiana. It's amazing what you can find there! I think they have a great sound. You can find more of their music on the Podsafe Music Network.

HipHop Mixture
2. OJO - This I know I got from the Podsafe Network. Reminds me of Fatboy Slim. You can find more music from this artist on the website.

Blue Kitchen
3. Combine The Victorious - I think they have a great fun sound. Found them on Garageband. You can find and download music from their Garageband page or their MySpace page.

Help Me Get The Picture
4. The Other Chris Hardy - Great song. I like it almost as much as Invisible Beatnik, which I played on episode #7. You can find more of his music here and on MySpace. He plays with a band called 3feetup. You can find their work at

You're Beautiful
5. Paul Wright - I know it's kind of an inspirational/religious song but it has a beautiful, lush pop sound that I really like. And hey, if I can play music that's explicit, I don't think a nice song like this will hurt anybody. I first heard from him on, surprisingly enough. Find more of his music on his website and MySpace. He makes really good music. Check it out!

1000 Times
6. Tahiti 80 - Well, I played a song by them last week, but hey, I love them! Their MySpace page, their website. So smooth, so summery, so fun!

Dj Jedio Star
7. Akustikfilm - Very interesting group. As they put it, on their Podsafe Music network page: "
From nature’s sample board to urban voices and echoes ++ akustikfilm collects soundscapes on this planet and transforms them into musical film." Perfect for a podcast like this, I think. You can find more free music for downloads from them on their website. Free music is always good. Check it out!


8. Thievery Corporation -
Well, it's always great to end things with these fellas. Especially with a martini in hand. They make the kind of music that conjures up martinis in swank, dark lounges. oh yeah, their MySpace page. Looks like they have another single out!

Ending with
Thievery Corporation is always nice. Hope you enjoy the show!

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