Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Calling all fellow bloggers and podcasters out there!

Podcasting and blogging is just coming into its own but we all need as much help from each other as we can get. The new media community is new, close knit and rather small right now and many of us are still learning lessons as we go along in the business.

I listen to quite a few podcasts and one of those is the Geek News Central Podcast, hosted by Todd Cochrane. The guys over there have a cool new site created specifically as a resource for bloggers and podcasters. It's called, "the place with answers to frequently asked podcasting questions."

You can also get information about meet-ups and podcasting conventions around the country or even around the world.
Not only is this a potential valuable resource of learning for those of us in new media but if there is information, news or anything you feel is missing from the site that should be added, the creators invite you to contribute that information. . . . and if you want a little promotion for your own podcasts or site, you can link to them and write a little something on your site about them, then provide the title of your site and a link to them and they will put your site on their blog roll. How's that for good karma?

Never fear - this week's show will be out tonight on Podango and the playlist and mp3 will be available here tomorrow!

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