Friday, January 4, 2008

Episode #9

Ch.. ch.. ch.. ch.. Changes!
I'm having some odd problems with the layout of this blog for some reason. I don't know if it's template issues or what. I'm trying to get that fixed.
As I stated in my last post, I will be changing feeds by the end of this month. I'll put out an audio update put out by next week explaining this so that you can resubscribe through the new feed. . .

. . .and here's the first show of 2008!

Good Clothes
1. Little Brother
- I love this song. It reminds me of the days when mainstream hiphop was fun. Little Brother proves that independent hiphop is where it's at. Find them on their MySpace page or The Hall of Justus. I first heard of them through the Indiefeed hiphop podcast. They just dropped a new album, Get Back, and are on tour right now.


- Of course this is one of my favorite hiphop artists. From his album, Median's Relief. It's a great album and this is an artist that will go places in my opinion. He's just that good.

3. Marie Digby
- From L.A., I first heard one of her songs on Smallville. Wonderful voice. She has a lot of great music projects that you can view on her MySpace page, like concert dates, songs, latest releases and music videos on YouTube.

Wild Is The Wind
4. Amel Larrieux
- She has such a beautiful voice, just like Marie does and she does jazzy, alternative pop songs like this one and also R&B. One talented woman. Find out about her latest album release, songs and concert dates on her MySpace page and her website.

News break: Information on female artists Marie Digby and Amel Larrieux. Background music: Travel With Me outro by Arson Optics. I've played the entire song before on a previous show.

Tell Me

5. The Beeps
- I found them through Garageband. They remind me of the Norwegian Ladybugs and Hot Bitch Arsenal. I love this song. Check them out at their Garageband page.

There Is An End

6. The Greenhornes featuring Holly Golightly
- I saw Bill Murray's Broken Flowers and that is where I first heard of The Greenhornes. They have a strong 1960's influence to their music that they've honed and made into their own unique sound and boy, is it great music.


7. Midival Punditz
- I've been a longtime fan of this group. Their music never fails to impress me. They always bring something cool to the table. This song is a dark, moody dreamlike piece that stays in my iTunes player for rotation all of the time. Find them on MySpace and their website. You can also find them on the Six Degrees Records website.


8. The Gentleman Losers - I first heard of this group through the Solipsistic Nation podcast. A beautiful, haunting song. The rest of the album is wonderful too. It's like melancholic poetry. They're from Finland. Check them out on their MySpace page. You'll love their work. You can also find the album at the City Centre Offices label.

Hope the year is starting off well for you. Enjoy the show!


arsonoptics said...

peace! i appreciate all the love. shoot me an email: let's build.

vargas said...

Hey thanks for posting! I'm glad you dropped by. Thanks for the email!

Justin Simonsen said...

great mix! yeah the feed - so hopefully you'll get that worked out sooner than later. I like when I come to a podcast blog and can find the .xml in under three seconds and I couldn't find yours @ all. I'd subscribe if i could find it.

I'll play your promo on an up coming episode of backofthebuspodcast


vargas said...

Hey Justin!

I had intended to do that and I forgot for some reason. Sorry about that! Thanks for the reminder! Hey thanks for using my promo! If you have a promo let me know and I'll play yours!


Justin Simonsen said...

We don’t yet have a promo but it shouldn’t be that hard to put one together. We really should do one sooner than later. No excuse really. Soon as we cut one I’ll shoot it over.