Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Episode #12

Hello all! Hope you had a great three day weekend! I've changed the feeds for the buttons on the sidebar so the new feed is in! I'll be making those changes to all of the podcasting directories that I've submitted to (if I can remember them all!) remember to resubscribe if you need to!

1. J Medeiros - This is a beautiful song but with a deep message. Don't get too much of that in mainstream music. Medeiros is one of my favorite hip-hop artists.

Your Love Is Mine
2. Holly Golightly - This woman sounds dangerous. I love her musical style. It's sexy and urbane in a vintage kind of way. I wonder if she plans to work with the Greenhornes again? I hope so. You can find her music and more information on her website. Nice site too!

3. Damien Rice - When I first heard Volcano a few years ago I was impressed with this Dublin artist and I ran out and bought his album. He continues to impress with his gorgeous acoustic songs and voice. I also love it when artists and hidden tracks to an album. That always gets bonus points with me! His MySpace page and his website.

I'm Alive
4.Jeremy Kay - I first heard this song on the show Numb3rs. See? I find a lot of stuff from TV. Thought it was a great, inspirational song. Kay makes good music anyway. I believe you can find some of his songs on the Arrested Development soundtrack. His website.

Break: information about independent artists' website A music service that promotes independent artists and helps them get their music out to the people. Check them out! Background music is Zanzibar, by Povo.

Folksong for Cello
5. Savath and Savalas - plays music from this group soetimes. That's where I first heard of them. Love this song. Find more music on their MySpace page and their website.

6. Anoushka Shankar -
I really enjoy the whole east Indian electronic sound. Its mesmerizing. This is from the daughter of the famed Indian musician Ravi Shankar (and of whom I own an album by as well.) She is also half sister of Nora Jones, but a talented and respected musician in her own right. You can find her work on her website and her MySpace page.

7. Pole -
I love Pole and have for a long time. He is the standard of all minimalist electronica in my humble opinion. Of course, you can disagree. Just know that you are wrong! (Just kidding!). It's amazing how Pole can create accessibility and beauty with such bare essentials. Check out his MySpace page for the Steingarten remixes if you haven't already done so!

Enjoy the show!

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