Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Episode #11

Another week, another show. You might find that the pop songs I've chosen for this week's show have a summery sound to them - that was done on purpose. It's been raining like nobody's business around here in Portland and I wanted to see the sun. I got my wish today, too!

Stay Alive
1. Shut Dem Down Records -
I found them on Garageband. They also have a podcast you can check out on that page as well! It's amazing the good music you can find on Garageband and the Podsafe Music Network. There's a quality and passion in this song that you don't find on "super refined" process sh*t on commercial hip hop stations. We have a really horrible one here in Portland. I'm amazed it's still on the air. It's awful. ShutDem Down is cool though.

Pouring You Mo Champagne

2. Motion Man -
I love this song! It's totally old school, kinda freaky too. I love that old school sound, though! Reminds me of Kool and the Gang, or something by Michal McDonald. You can find more from him at his MySpace page. You can buy his music at eMusic.

Voodoo Dreams
3. Les Baxter -
You were probably wondering "What?!?" I listen to Live365 quite a bit and there's a Tiki Tiki music station there I enjoy listening to. They play a lot of this kind of 60's spaced-out, tiki cha-cha club, exotica electronica-like music. I just threw it in there to be different. You can find more of the late, great Les Baxter's music on the official Les Baxter website. He's made a lot of fantastic music over the years. I would really encourage you to check his stuff out! YOu can find quite a bit of free music on the site!

Hotel Intro
4. Moby - I've been a fan of Moby for a long time. He always comes with the goods. One of the greatest electronica musicians in my humble opinion. Find his music on his site and get free music there as well.

Break: Reminder about feed change, thoughts on pop group Nada Surf and their new album Lucky, coming out February 4, 2008. Background music song is Zanzibar by Povo.


5. Nada Surf - Not a new group but a group that I am only recently acquainted with. I really love their sound. They remind me of Tahiti 80 and any group that reminds me of them gets a thumbs way up from me because I love Tahiti 80! If you aren't already familiar with Nada Surf check out and/or buy their music from their MySpace page. Check out their website too.

Winter in the Hamptons

6. Josh Rouse -
Another artist with that beautiful, pop sound that I enjoy. I first heard his music on Pandora. You can find him at his website and on his MySpace page. You can find hi music on iTunes too!

Soul Deep

7. Tahiti 80
- This is my favorite group! I love just about everything they make and I have all of their albums. They are so light an airy and fun to listen to, especially in the summer. You can find their music on their fabulous website and on their MySpace page. Lots of great music to be found there!

Come to think of it, all of the pop songs I played on this show were pretty summery. The kind of stuff you might listen to in July while driving around with the top down!
Enjoy the show!


Back of the Bus Podcast said...

Thanks for the wide variety of music. It’s why I love your show.

I also added you to Stumble! because after playing that Josh Rouse track more people need to find your show. I just wanted to let you know that we played you promo in our last episode. Don’t count on a mad rush of listeners though because as far as I can tell we only have 4 listeners, lol! I guess we need a promo to send out to people.

vargas said...

Hey! Thanks a lot! I appreciate the Stumble add and playing my promo!

This particular show doesn't get scads of listeners but I have noticed a steady increase. Don't be afraid to make a promo and send it out just because you don't have a lot of listeners. I made and promoted my promo a week after I created this podcast - when I had zero listeners!