Saturday, March 1, 2008

Episode #17

Innovation remix
1. De La Vega (Ivy League)
- Searching through the podsafe network I ran into this song. It reminds me of old school hiphop and I really like it. You can find more from this group at Myspace. They create a mix of hiphop and rock. Cool.

It's Bad You Know
2. R.L. Burnside -
This song is awesome as well as the artist. It's been one of my favorite songs for years. Burnside died a few years ago, R.I.P. You can find his music at Fat Possum Records or or your local record store.

The Flys

3. She's Huge -
One of those rock/pop groups popular when I was young, I still enjoy listening to them from time to time. They broke up back in 2002. Pity. Their stuff can be bought from iTunes or any record store.

Freddy Litwiniuk
4. Apart -
Found on his vocal style reminds me of Ian Axel. I think it's a beautiful melody which is what I like about good pop music. You can find more from this artist on the sixtyone and MySpace too. This artists creates pop and soul. Nice.

Break: New album coming out by hiphop artist Ylove. It will be available on iTunes in March and in stores by April. You can find his blog
here, more information about his experiences in music and his religious conversion, his album and videos. Check it out!

The Missing Panacea remix

5. Alona - I love this song.
It reminds me of songs by Kyoto Jazz Massive and Zero 7, both electronica groups I really love. A beautiful song. Found on the podsafe network. You can find Alona's music on OurStage, CD Baby and her website where you can find more music.

Anybody Here?

6. Naomi -
I first heard this group on a Live365 station. A beautiful song that seems to just roll over you like a dream. Wonderful. Naomi is a German electronica group and they have three albums out. You can find them on discogs and their website.


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