Friday, February 22, 2008

Episode #16

Here is this week's episode!


1. Smif N Wesson -
This hiphop duo reminds me of DMX's music, or at least this song does. I love DMX and I really like this group. They make some great music! I heard about them through the Indiefeed hiphop podcast. Check it out, You will always hear great hiphop through Indiefeed! You can find more music from Smif N Wesson on their Myspace page. They also have some music videos out. Check them out on You Tube! They just came out with an album and the single Gotta say it is tight! You just might hear it on this podcast next week!

The Vibe

2. B3 Kings - I Picked this tune up on the podsafe music network and I'm glad I did. I like jam fests and music infused with funk and blues. It's a wonderful little song and you can find more music from the B3 Kings. You can find them at the pub records website as well as more funk/jazz/dun artists and a weekly podcast there as well. Lot's of good stuff there so check it out!


3. Super 8 Music UK -
I love great pop music so it's always nice to find it. I found Super 8 on Check him out on his Garageband page. You can also download the artist's podcast there as well and his MySpace page.

In My Room
4. The Comfies - This has got to be one of my favorite new pop groups. I first heard their music on the Filmspotting podcast. What can I say? I was hooked on these infectious beats. You can find more music from the Comfies on their MySpace page. You can buy their Close To Me EP album on MySpace or through downloads. It's a great album.

Tom Cruise Crazy
5. Jonathan Coulton -
What a find! This is like the new version of Weird Al Yankovic! I heard this song an a Lost podcast and I had to play it. Yeah it's a little weird but weird's ok sometimes! I love this song! It's kind of old but in case you don't know, you can find it on Jonathan Coulton's blog or on Amazon downloads. By the way, the song, and more silly songs like it can be found on Jonathan Coulton's album Thing a Week Three.

Ostrich Hunt

6. Les Baxter - This cool song is from his African Jazz album. He has such a distinctive blend of camp, exotica, jazz and lounge elements to his music. It's wonderful.

That's it. Hope you enjoyed the show!

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