Thursday, February 14, 2008

Episode #15

Here is this week's show!

I won't be finished posting the playlist until tomorrow but until then you can download the show either from here or from podango!

Hip Hop Soul

1. Nick Cicero - Nice, smooth instrumental you can chill out to. Cicero is an up and coming music producer from New York. You can find more of his work at Myspace and his website.

2. Neenah - I found her from a link on another hip hop website. She's a muslim R&B artist from the Netherlands. How awesome is that? She has a great voice. She reminds me a little of Aaliyah. You can find her on MySpace and her website.

3. Melk - I found this band on Garageband. I though that they had a really interesting sound. A mix between The Shins and The White Stripes. Well, to me, anyway. There is another artist on Garageband called Melk too. I may check them out later. But for now, this band, Melk, can be found on their Garageband page.

Break: A Band Called Quinn has come out with their latest EP album this month. Track Listing:

1. DIY
2. DIY (oneyedboy remix)
3. Hey Chi Chi!
4. As The Day Goes On
5. The Audition

You can download this album and check out the new music video DIY from them on YouTube and hear them on the BBC radio show.

4. Nina Miranda - I love Nina Miranda and I first found out about her through her collaborations with Bebel Gilberto, a favorite Brazilian artist of mine. She is a part of the music group Zeep. Nina has also been a part of the band Smoke City.

5. Tabla Beat Science - This was my very first electronica album and I am still entranced with it. You can find music from them on Calabash Music,, or you can preview their music on

Toura, Toura
6. DJ Cheb I Sabbah - I think that this guy is one of the preeminent kings of electronic music. Everything he touches is gold! His website, his Myspace page. His work is gorgeous, always socially responsible, always spiritual. This particular song is from his album La Kahena.

Enjoy the show!

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