Thursday, February 7, 2008

Episode #14

This week's episode!

State of Emergency
1. Baba Israel and Yako -
Cool island beats and a spiritual and social aspect. This is what I really like in hiphop. You can find more from Baba Israel and Yako from the podsafe music network and their website

Hip Hop Soul

2. Stephan Coonan -
Stephan has been dj-ing for 12 years and producing music for 4 years. This relaxing, chilled out song is only one example of what this multi talented dj and producer has done. Check out more of his work at his website,

Moon out of the sky

3. Dirt Farmer -
Very interesting name, Dirt Farmer - not to be confused with Dirt Farmers an experimental hiphop group. Dirt Farmer has that slightly spaced out, mysterious sound that reminds me of that whole Ziggy Stardust thing. Or maybe a dark, tripped out Cold Play. You can find their music on MySpace and their Garageband page.

Break: information about Electronic group Under and their EP album titled Under. Background music is Elves on Patrol by Deerfoot.

Long Way Home

4. Cantinero -
Found this cool song while surfing Garageband for new music. I don't know but the sound of this song reminds me of a cross between something from Rufus Wainwright and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. That's a lot of coolness! You can find more from this artist from Garageband.

Waltz for Koop

5. Koop - I love Koop. Anything that is smooth, light and gorgeous sounding is fine by me and Koop fits that bill. I believe that this version of the song is the original version from what I played a few months ago. Koop has a more recent release out. Check them out.


- I'm really excited by this new album purchase. The vocals and sounds on this album are melancholic and beautiful, like gossamer wings. I really love this group. You can find their music at CD Baby, their MySpace page and their website.

Hope you enjoy this week's show.

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