Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Episode #5 - The '80s!

OK, not entirely but you get my meaning! I'm looking for more old school/retro sounding hip hop and pop artists! If you know of any let me know! Hope everyone got plenty of rest last week and remember - be thankful all year round for what you have, not just on Thanksgiving!

1. Lonely Out Here
ATL Producers -
I really like this group! They make great music! They're from Atlanta, Georgia. You can find them on the podsafe music network and their webpage. They specialize in making a lot of different music for podcasts which is an excellent reason to check them out.

2. The Basis of Breakneck
Ben Base - This song kind of had that old school sound and I loved that! If you like it and want to hear more from this artist you can find his music on the Podsafe Music Network and his MySpace page. Check him out!

3. Man On Fire
Atlas -
Atlas was influenced by the hip hop greats like Wu-Tang Clan and Nas and I think it shows. Like he says on his podsafe music network page, his music is straight forward with no frills.

4. My Prima Donna
Artificial Intelligence In Texas -
A great new wave inspired song. This group is heavily inspired by groups like U2, The Cure, Joy Division, REM, Ramones, The Smiths. You can find their music on their podsafe page and their MySpace page.

Solipsistic Nation promo. This is a great show! If you love electronic music, check it out! News on an independent hip hop group that dropped me an email last week: Grown Folks. You can check out the music from this hip hop group at their MySpace page or you can find their music on iTunes. They have several albums and plenty of great songs to choose from on iTunes if you want to purchase their music. Background song is called
Phantom Limb by local Portland, Oregon group, The Shins.

Swim To Me
101 -
This group helped to breathe new life into the New Wave genre again by adding other influences into it. Check them out at podsafe music network and MySpace.

6. Lumen e Lumine
A Band called Quinn -
Check them out on their podsafe music page
and their MySpace page.

7. Pulling Our Weight
The Radio Department
- I love this song. It's one of my favorites! To be honest, I created this show as an excuse to play this song! You can find The Radio Department's music almost anywhere but especially at places like and labrador.

8. Waltz For Koop featuring DJ Patife, remix
Koop featuring DJ Patife -
I first heard music from this group on another non-music podcast. Koop is from Sweden. Their sound was so smooth and silky sounding that I was hooked. There are different versions to this lovely song. You can find more music from Koop at their MySpace page.

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