Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Episode #3

It's amazing what you can find out there. I wonder why I never hear the artists in this show, or in the other shows on most terrestrial stations. You can just think of Urban Outside as an independent, internet version of a Z100 radio station - what Z100 ought to be but isn't.

All My Soul
- An artist that surpasses most rappers and hiphop artists on the mainstream scene today, he has some of the best music you wanna hear. He even opens for popular artists like 50 Cent. But he's a whole lot better and more socially conscious. You can buy his newest album Open Book at CD Baby. If you want to hear more from this artist or find out concert dates, visit his MySpace page.

Amp Fiddler
- I use one of Amp's songs for my intro and outro. This nu soul artist is the spaced-out, cosmic kind. He's like Medeski, Martin&Wood for Nu Soul and he's been around for a long time making great music! This dude used to work with George Clinton. You know he's funky! Catch his latest album and more info on music and concert dates at his website and his MySpace page.

Love, Love, Love
Lee Rogers - Lee reminds me a lot of Bob Schneider; he's a great acoustic/singer/songwriter artist. I think this song is beautiful. please forgive the awful, sucky mono sound quality. I found this song on the podsafe music network, which is also where I first discovered him. He's an independent artists that gets a lot of play from radio stations and has at least three albums out by now. He has a new website up where you can check out new music, albums and information about him.

4. Out Loud
Mindy Smith
- I first heard her on (kudos to them) a few years ago. Kink still reserves air space for local and independent artists. One of the very few commercial stations to do this. Mindy Smith's more of a folk pop/alternative country artists but I love that kind of music anyway. You'll hear more from this genre anyway. You can visit her website here.

Promotion for
Solipsistic Nation (you really should check this podcast out. It's awesome! I didn't add his promo to my own show for my health!). Information about artists Natalie Walker and Ques. Again the background music used for the break is called Elves On Patrol from the experimental jazz group Deerfoot. You can buy their album, Deerfoot, at

Slow Fade
Norwegian Lovebugs
- I love the sound of this group. Found on the podsafe music network I've never heard of them before. This year they came out with a their debut album Love Bugs me. I hope to hear more from them because I already like what I've heard so far. They have a blog too but it's in Norwegian.

6. Crush

Natalie Walker
- Melancholy, elegant, angelic voice - all of these things have been said about her music and these descriptions are right. You might have heard her music on shows like
Ugly Betty and Big Shots. I've already described how much I like some of her songs in the show. Natalie is another artist I found through the Podsafe music network. Her website is chock full of music and information about past and up coming tour dates and concerts and tour projects. Check it out!

7. Always The Sun
Organic Audio aka Andy Spence aka half of The Freakniks - I bought this album because I wanted to hear Nurega, the track heard in The Fast and the Furious during the house party scene. But after having heard the entire album it's hard to decided which track is better. well, Always the Sun is my favorite track, obviously. It's an old favorite. Hope you enjoyed the show.

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