Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Episode #6

Up In Michigan
1. Grown Folks
- Like I said last week, you can find their music on their MySpace page or on iTunes. They have a lot of great music out there. Check them out!

Travel With me
2. Arson Optics
- I found this artist through KaiZen's MySpace page. Very talented hiphop artist and a cool site. He has several albums out. You can check out some streamed audio samples at Travel With Me is a beautiful song. I especially like the soulful outro at the end. Real old school. It's from the album Austin2Boston.

3. A Forest Mighty Black
- From my DJ Kicks compilation album. Every song on this album is a gem - but then I think that every album produced by Thievery Corporation is a gem! You can find more music from this group on
CD Universe, eMusic discogs and

Holding the Moth
4. Underworld
- I love almost everything from Underworld. This comes from their latest release. Preview the album on their MySpace page.

5. Tabla Beat Matrix
- From the album Tabla Beat Science, this was the very first electronica album that I ever bought and it got me hooked on electronic music. I just picked up the album randomly and decided to give it a listen right in the store. From here I broadened out my tastes. They might do the same for you. Find them on Calabash Music and CD Universe.

Break: News about Arson Optics. You can find a concert video with him performing with KaiZen on YouTube. Check it out! Background song is Una Notte a Napoli by Pink Martini from their album Hang On Little Tomato. You can stream the whole album at their website. They're a local Portland band and they make cool music.

Balconey Cigarettes
6. Any Day In June
- A cool artist from the podsafe music network, you can find his music there and at his
website. His influences are venerable artists like Joy Division, The Cure, David Bowie, Jets To Brazil, Braid, Interpol, New Order. I can tell. Can you? You can find and purchase his music at iTunes, eMusic and you can find more information about his music on his MySpace page.

Closing In
7. Jon Beal - I found this artist on Most Christian pop sucks. Hard. But every now and then I find a Christian pop music artist that makes great sounding music. You can find out more about him and his music on his page.

Come With Me Tonight
8. Bob Schneider
- I've been a fan of Schneider's rock/pop/acoustic style for a long time. He's a multi-talented artist just like Bruce Springsteen. His latest album,
Songs Sung and Played at the the Same Time With People In The Room, is a Folk/Americana album. I love artists that venture into other genres! This is one of my favorite songs by him. You can find, stream and purchase more music on his MySpace page and from his website. The website's really cool too. Not the regular ho-hum artist website.

It Takes a Thief
Thievery Corporation - I'll be playing more form this awesome group in upcoming shows. I think they make the best music on the planet - just my humble opinion! This song is on their DJ Kicks album.

That's it for this week's show. Hope you enjoy it!

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