Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Episode #4

Here is the playlist for episode #4. Enjoy the show!

1. Luv Don't Live Here
1st Supper - This song is from their album Spiritually Connected. Again, like with a lot of music for this podcast I found this song on the podsafe network. For more songs from this UK group you can go to their PodShow page.

Bangout Productions - A fun song to listen to! Found on their podsafe network page. This hip hop group is from Alabama ( I have a lot of relatives there) and they site this web page ( where you can find more news and info on other hip hop groups working with Kevin Khao Cates. Check it out. There's a lot of great music there!

3. Fillmore Dub
The Numb Project -
I have this double album. One of the best electronica albums to come out in 2002. Chris Calarco is the name of this artist and he's a local artist. The album is called Soundbridge Sessions. The latest album out is called --. You can purchase both at CD Baby or If you like DJ Krush, you'll like this guy! The last time I checked he had his own website: Doesn't seem to be up and running right now but maybe it was down for maintenance.

Louie's Last Stand
The Numb Project -
From the same double disc album. I hope this artist comes out with another album soon. To be honest besides the website, which appears to e down, there isn't a whole lot to be found on this artist as far as I know right now. I did write a review of his album a couple of years ago. If you know about him or what he's doing currently email me or post a comment on the blog.

Break: audio quality issues, comments on the new improved Zune Marketplace and podcasts. The song played during the break is Eclipse by Kyoto Jazz Massive. Visit their MySpace page too!

Pole -
This song is on Pole's (Stefan Betke) third album, 3, the yellow album for people who might want to look for it in record stores. He's a long time favorite electronica artist of mine and I have the album. For some people Pole can be an acquired taste. Sort of like absinthe. Once the taste is acquired you really enjoy it and your appreciation deepens. Silberfisch is one of the more "accessible" songs on the album. You can find news on upcoming albums and remixes and concert news from this Berlin artist at

Dictaphone -
Another minimalist group from Berlin that I enjoy. This song is from their album Vertigo II, released in 2006. You can find more current music and news from them at their MySpace page and their website.

Royksopp -
From Royksop's Melody AM. You can't go wrong with that whole soft rock-Ambrosia 1970's-1980's sound! I love it! Ok, it isn't exactly like that but it's kind of reminiscent of that sound in my opinion. Anyway they make great music! For more information go to their website.

Right On Said Jeebus
Hot Bitch Arsenal -
I found this group through their Garageband page. I love this song. It's funny what you can find just listening to random stuff sometimes. You can find a lot of good music. Their website where all their news and happenings can be gleaned is at They sound a lot like Portishead. I'd say that's a good reccomendation!

Hope you liked what you heard this week! See you next week!

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