Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Episode #2

Here is Episode #2 with links and information on all of the songs played on this week's show. Basically the playlist:

. Rize
Median - Maybe you've noticed a pattern? No? Well ok I haven't been doing this show long enough for anyone to notice a pattern but I really love Median! You can find this song on his MySpace page or his page. Buy his album. Doesn't stuff like this deserve to be in your music collection?

Strong Man
KaiZen - I first of KaiZen on Fanboy Radio. He and Scott were talking about some up and coming projects from the RZA. Strong Man is the current song on his MySpace page. Also known as KingZen, you can find his work at the
Arson Optics site along with many other independent hiphop artists. A gold mine of great music! I look forward to hearing more of his work!

Biodiesel Willie
2012AM - Cool, experimental band I found this song on the podsafe music network. They really do remind me of Wilco! You can find the song at the
podsafe music network and for more information on concerts and album go to their MySpace page.

4. Move On

Ted Lumley - One of my favorite kinds of music is good pop. I mean really good pop music. Ted Lumley makes great music like that. Lumley lists the influences for his musical sound on his Garageband site and you know what? I would add to the list Bob Schneider, one of my favorite local artists. Well, ok maybe he reminds me of Schneider on only one song. This one. I really love this song. Beautiful melody! Check out Ted Lumley on
Garageband or MySpace!

Break: info about podsafe music network artists featured on this episode, .22 and 2012AM. Background music for news break was from Deerfoot. The song was called Elves On Patrol. Deerfoot is an excellent experimental jazz band from Canada. If you liked that song check out their
band website and preview or purchase their self titled album Deerfoot.

5. Peter and Jane

.22 - Interesting name for a band. Reminiscent of Gang of Four. Well, to me anyway. I f
ound this song on the podsafe music network. You can also find out more music and other information about .22 at their website.

6. Shoulda Never

Oh Darling - This is a local band to Portland, OR. You can find more information on their music, music videos and upcoming shows at their
My Space page and the their band website. Actually, what I forgot to say in the show is that you can download each song on the album individually by going to this page on their site:

Pecados Da Madrugada (Sins Before Dawn)
Suba - Suba's music stays in my CD changer all of the time. He's a genius, or, rather was a genius . Tragically he died in a fire in 1999. I was crushed when I heard it. We will never hear any new music from this master again. This song comes from the album Sao Paulo Confessions, from my music library. You can find most information on his other albums and projects starting

Agra (The Emerald Mix)
DJ Cheb i Sabbah - This comes from my own CD collection the song is from his album As Far as . . . I've amassed quite the little collection of electronica. Sabbah is one of the best in the business. I love all of his stuff. When you listen to
Sabbah, you go on a journey. . . .

Funny how has become the "grand central station" for music. See ya next time!


Ted Lumley said...

Hey man, thanks for your kind promotion of 'Move On' You spotted our real motives in making music, which is to create well-crafted pop songs. (sorely lacking in todays musical climate) Another major influence was the book "Revolution In The Head..The Beatles Records and the Sixties" by Ian MacDonald which changed the way I look at pop music in general.

Ted Lumley
(and the rest of the group)

vargas said...

Hey thanks for dropping by the site Ted! I really appreciate the feed back! Thanks for broadening my understanding of what influences you and your band mates!