Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Episode #1

This is the first episode of Urban Outside. Most of these songs are from my own music collection, the Podsafe Music Network and Garageband.com. Hope you enjoy the show!

P l a y l i s t :

1.Beats - Sumter Boys Hiphop
I love this song and I found it on the podsafe music network. It's so old school! A great sound that reminds me of back in the day when hiphop was fun to listen to! When it was about the music instead of the hos and cars and. . .whatever. I haven't found a website from this artist yet. If anyone knows, let me know.

2. Ian Axel - Afterglow
A New York artist who reminds me of Mark Joseph and John Mayer, he doesn't have an album out yet as far as I know. I bought this song through Garageband. You can visit him and hear more of his music at his MySpace page and his official website, which is really cool. Great, well-crafted music.

3. Adrina Thorpe - Midnight
There's a commercial radio station here in Portland, OR that seems to be way ahead of the curve when it comes to breaking new music. It's Kink.FM .They play music from new artists at least 4 to 5 months before the other commercial stations even know the music exists. They've been playing music from Adrina Thorpe for awhile now and she's been one of my favorite pop artists of recent memory. Here is one of her more recent singles. You can find more of her music on her Myspace page and her website for more information. You can buy her music through CDBaby.com.

4. Underworld - Trim
A long time electronica/ambient favorite of mine. This track is from their album A Hundred Days Off . You can get tour dates and new music tracks on their Myspace page and you can get more info on current and future projects from their non-music output page. Interesting stuff. Check it out. Become a member to the underworld live site and you can get exclusive music and video downloads from the group and artwork and all kinds of stuff.

5. Median - How Big Is Your World?
I first heard from this artist through the Indiefeed podcast. I love this song! He has a Myspace page (of course) and you can find his music through Last.fm. He has a lot of great music on both of those sites. Check him out!

6. J. Medeiros - Silent Earth
This dude blew up! I last saw him on Miami Ink (that show kinda sucks now that Kat's gone) and then I heard him on the radio! It's not hard to find out where to find his music. His album Of gods and girls is one of the best albums around right now. You can download it or get a preview of the entire album at his website and get more info from the Myspace page. A lot of great music can be found by Medeiros.

7. Pablo - Reincarnation
I did a lot of carping on one of my other blogs about not being able to find more info about Pablo after hearing this beautiful song Reincarnation on one of my Future Lounge compilation albums. This song is on Future Lounge 3. You can find Pablo under different aliases and a lot of great music from him if you look. Start here: www.pabloslab.com, Myspace.com/pabloslab. Reincarnation remains one of my all time favorite songs.

8. Ryehollow - Any Way You Say It
This is a local Portland band they're been getting airplay from Kink.FM from time to time. they make wonderful folk pop and its a wonder the other stations don't pick them up. Their loss. Don't let it be yours. This song stays in rotation in my mp3 player and in all of my iTunes playlists. I just love it! You'll probably hear it again in the future. You can find more music and information from Ryehollw at their Myspace page and their website: www.Ryehollow.com. They have two albums out now and you can also buy their music at CD Baby and Amazon.com.

The song that I use for my intro and outro is called Waltz of a Ghetto Fly from Amp Fiddler and it's off his album, Waltz of a Ghetto Fly.

Kink.FM, though it's a commercial radio station is definitely one of the better stations here in Oregon. They do mix it up with local and independent artists and have done so for many years. I've found out about quite a few local artists through them. See you with another show next week!

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