Friday, December 21, 2007

Episode #8

Last show for December!

1. Dynasty

- I listen to the Indiefeed Hip Hop podcast and I hear a lot of excellent hip hip artists through them, like Kaze. I especially love it when they give props to the old R&B and soul artists like Curtis Mayfield by using clips from those good old soul songs. If you like what you heard from Kaze you can find him at his
MySpace page. You can also buy most of his music on iTunes. He's a great artist!

2. Call Cupid
Kay B
- He reminds me of Tyrese and is just as handsome as Tyrese too! When you want a good R&B song to slow dance to with your man or your girl this is perfect! I found this British artists through the
podsafe music network. You can also find his music on his own MySpace page.

3. Please Stay

Mindy Smith
- Like I've mentioned on another post I found this artists through one of the few terrestrial stations that still play interesting music and independent artists. I love Mindy's soft, melodic vocals. I think most consider her to be alternative country. She always makes wonderfully melancholic songs.

4. Always Love

Nada Surf - I first heard about this group through NBC's Heroes TV show, (one of my favorite shows) and I'm not embarrassed to say that. You can find a lot of great music through TV. I love finding new music through my favorite TV shows. This one's a gem from their album titled Lucky. Their newest album will be coming out ion 2008! You can find them at their official site and on MySpace and you can also find concert dates there too.

5. Five After One
- I found this artist on the podsafe music network. He reminds me of
The Dining Rooms. I really like him. He has mentioned Kenna, Postal Service, Massive Attack all as influences. You can find him on the podsafe music network and on his design website. He's a graphic designer too? Awesome!

6. When 6 Loves 9

Only Child
- I have the compilation album Future Lounge 3 from
Stereo Deluxe Records and it's one of the best compilation albums I own. Every song is a gem. Envision yourself with an ice cold martini in and relaxing on a leather couch in some nice pad or lounge and listening to this on a summer evening. Can you? I can! Only Child is really just one artists, Justin Crawford. You can find more about him or purchase his soulful tunes him here, here, and here. And here is a BBC interview with the DJ artist.

7. Ab Ke Baras
MIDIval PunditZ - I love the PunditZ. Been loving their work for years. They are so far out and delicious! If they are featured on a compilation album like this one they have some of the best songs on the album. The only one who tops them in my opinion is Cheb I Sabbah. This song comes from the 2002 Asian Massive compilation album from Six Degrees Records Travel Series. (one of the very best labels on the planet). I own a lot of Six Degrees albums. Yu can find them on their site a, Myspace and calabash music. On the Calabash site you can find free music downloads from them and from other world artists. Check it out! Hope you enjoyed the show!

See you next year!

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