Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Episode #7

Here is episode #7. Enjoy the show!

1. Keep Pace
J. Medeiros - I try to look for hip hop artists with a social conscience, artists that infuse important social or spiritual messages in their music. Medeiros makes great sounding music with a conscience. His commentary on today's world is always on point. You can find his music on his website. His new album, Of gods and girls, is excellent.

2. State of Emergency
Baba Israel and Yako - I respect artists that can make good music and inform people about their faith through that music. I found this hip hop group on the Podsafe Music network. It's refreshing when male hip hop artists make music about their faith in God rather than cashing in on cynicism, nihilism and hatred of women. You can find their music on their website,

3. It's Been Written - Overnite/Shifty
1st Supper - I enjoy music from 1st Supper. They are from the UK. I find most of their music for my shows on the podsafe music network. Currently their site is under construction and I don't know when it will be live but I think it's a good idea to bookmark it and come back to check often. If you want to contact them, they leave their email addresses on the Luv Productions site.

4. Acid Tokyo
KCentric - This artist's influences range from Medeski, Martin and Wood, PortisHead, John Coltrane, Outkast. Nice. You can find his work on the podsafe music network and his website.

5. Who Will Find Me?
DJ Shah featuring Adrina Thorpe - A beautiful song, if rather "techno like", it has a very lush sound that I like and Adrina's ethereal vocals make it even better. You can find more of DJ Shah's music on his MySpace page and on his website. Adrina's newest music can be found on her MySpace page. You can now purchase her music on iTunes!

Solipsistic Nation
podcast promo.

6. Invisible Beatnik
The Other Chris Hardy - I found this artist on the podsafe music network and I love this song, the sound, the lyrics. Cool song! Look forward to hearing more from this artist in the future on the show. You can find this artist on the network , SoundClick and

7. Real Big Thrill
Whyjacks - Someone emailed me and told me about this band, Whyjacks. I enjoy it when listeners and readers let me know about other independent artists. That's the same way I found out about Grown Folks. Whyjacks make pop and acoustic music and they place a lot of importance on sound quality and craft. You can preview some of their music, and buy their music on their website and on the podsafe music network. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this band.

8. You Are Not Alone
Keram - I found this artists through Alternative, folksy or acoustic pop music is one of my favorite kinds of music and this song's a good example of it. I really love this song. You can check out and preview a lot of his music on his Garageband site and also his artist website. He plays in a band called Blue Dog Pict. Check them out at their MySpace page.

That's it for this week. Cheers!


chris hardy said...

holy crap, you played my song on my birthday - thanks so much! very glad you like it! many more here: let me know if you want to play any of 'em and i'll put 'em on the podsafe site!

-chris hardy

vargas said...

Hey Chris, thanks for posting! I'll be sure to check out your site at soundclick!