Friday, April 9, 2010

Episode #44

Well here is the long awaited (if anyone is still listening) show that was supposed to be here two months ago. I am really sorry but I explain what happened during the show.

Download the show now!

Anyway I am really excited to showcase Jive Ass Sleepers, one of my new favorite artists!
The first few songs are from his second album, New Jazz Galaxy:

1. Funk In A New Galaxy
2. Keep Me Warm
3. Take Me Home
4. What Dreams She Dreams

Break: I ramble on about my poor excuses for such intermittent shows - again, I'm sorry. The background song is called Curtain Call by Aya. You can find Jive Ass Sleepers albums and mp3s on Magnatune and

Interesting side note: I first found out about Jive Ass Sleepers from a podcast I listen to called Snapecast - a great podcast. If you like Harry potter check it out however be forewarned - they are VERY SERIOUS SNAPE fans.

5. Back At The Blue Note
6. More Than She'll Ever Know
7. Just You And Me

From the album Gettin' Down To Business
8. Private Eye

Enjoy the show!

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