Friday, November 13, 2009

Episodes #40 and 41!

I never did post #40 here did I? Well you get a double dose today as I just finished producing episode #41 last night. So you get two shows to download unless you subscribe to the show with iTunes, then you'll already have had episode #40!

Playlist for episode #41:
1. Studio Street Stage - Haiku d'Etat (Freestyle Fellowship)
2. Mr.Opto Mystic - Autolect
3. Palmistry - Tabla Beat Science

Break: New album by pop musician Adrian Thorpe, Halflight and Shadows. You can preview it and buy it at Check it out! Background music from Arson Optics.

4. Be Still - Morgan Page featuring Kaskade
5. Quirky Little Love Song - Derek Clegg
6. Flavor - Adrina Thorpe

Enjoy the show!!

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